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Mississippi Lakes by Region

Capital-River Region Mississippi : Capital-River Region (3)

Coastal Region Mississippi : Coastal Region (1)

Delta Region Mississippi : Delta Region (1)

Hills Region Mississippi : Hills Region (7)

Pines Region Mississippi : Pines Region (3)

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Lakes in MS

Lake Name Lake Summary
Aberdeen Lake Also known as: Aberdeen Reservoir
Standing on the top of the limestone bluffs looking down over magnificent Aberdeen Lake, visitors plan the day ahead. There will definitely be fishing ...
Aliceville Lake Also known as: Pickensville Lake
Aliceville Lake, known to fishing locals as Pickensville Lake, is one of 10 lakes on the 234-mile man-made Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. The Tenn-Tom, ...
Arkabutla Lake Arkabutla Lake Pictures Arkabutla Lake, a popular vacation destination located on the Scenic Loop 304 in Mississippi, is less than a half hour drive from Memphis. Over 2 million ...
Bay Springs Lake Also known as: Jamie L. Whitten Lock and Dam
Bay Springs Lake, also known as the Jamie L. Whitten Lock and Dam, is the northernmost lake on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Bay Springs Lake is ...
Enid Lake Enid Lake Pictures Enid Lake, located in northern Mississippi's Hill Region, is about an hour's drive south of Memphis, Tennessee. Originally designed for flood control, ...
Grenada Lake Grenada Lake Pictures Grenada Lake, located northeast of Grenada in Mississippi's Hill Region, is the largest body of water lying completely within the state. With 35,820 acres ...
Horn Lake Also known as: "Lakeview"
The Mississippi River has been flowing across North American for hundreds of thousands of years. Over time, however, its course changes or adjusts, sometimes ...
Lake Bogue Homa Lake Bogue Homa Pictures In Jones County of Mississippi's Coastal region, Lake Bogue Homa covers 882 surface acres. A mild and "friendly" climate year round and the comfort of ...
Lake Tangipahoa Lake Tangipahoa Pictures Also known as: Percy Quin Reservoir, Tangipahoa Reservoir
Lake Tangipahoa is usually a quiet, unassuming little lake nestled within Percy Quin State Park in Mississippi's Capital-River region. The 554-acre lake ...
Lake Washington Lake Washington Pictures Star of Mississippi's Delta region, Lake Washington is an emblem of the 'old' South. Lake Washington is an oxbow lake, formed when the mighty Mississippi ...
Okatibbee Lake Okatibbe Lake, located a few miles northwest of Meridian in the Pines Region of eastern Mississippi, is a nature lover's retreat and water enthusiast's ...
Okhissa Lake Okhissa Lake Pictures Okhissa Lake, the first Bill Dance Signature Lake, opened to the public on November 7, 2007 with huge success. The 1,000-acre lake was created to encourage ...
Pickwick Lake Pickwick Lake Pictures Also known as: Pickwick Reservoir
Pickwick Lake is a 43,100-acre reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) with construction of Pickwick Landing Dam across the Tennessee ...
Ross Barnett Reservoir Ross Barnett Reservoir Pictures Also known as: The Rez
Ross Barnett Reservoir, known locally as The Rez, has found its way into the hearts of the Capital River region of Mississippi. The 33,000-acre reservoir ...
Sardis Lake Sardis Lake Pictures Sardis Lake is a popular visitor destination with over 5 million people flocking to the water each year. Located in the counties of Panola, Lafayette ...


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