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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Katmai Crater Lake
(Alaska, USA)
3,955 Katmai Crater Lake Pictures Katmai Crater Lake Message Forums Little known and seldom seen, Katmai Crater Lake is an example of nature's handiwork at its most impressive. Located on the Alaskan Peninsula within Katmai Park and Wilderness, the crater lake is young by geological standards: The caldera was created as a result of the eruption of lava from Novarupta ...
Lake Louise
(Alaska, USA)
2,362 Lake Louise Pictures Lake Louise Message Forums Also known as: Lake Louise State Recreation Area
Lake Louise is located in the exciting Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Mat-Su for short) in Alaska. Lake Louise which connects to Susitna Lake boasts that it is one of the largest lake areas in Alaska that has road access making it a great stopping point for travelers. The community of Lake Louise that ...
Quartz Lake
(Alaska, USA)
961 Quartz Lake Pictures Nestled in the middle of majestic mountain peaks, deep in Alaska's Interior, Quartz Lake is an exceptional place to fish. Its proximity to Fairbanks and Delta Junction makes it an accessible Alaska destination. Quartz Lake is a natural lake in the Tanana River Valley near sections of the Tanana ...
Abyss Lake
(Alaska, USA)
892 Tucked in the mountainous landscape of Southeastern Alaska with its sporadic blotches of tall green aspen trees, there sits a glacial lagoon called Abyss Lake. Brady Glacier is Abyss Lake's primary inflow source. The glacier's melted water flows east to an adjacent basin, and the water accumulates ...
Birch Lake
(Alaska, USA)
823 Birch Lake Pictures Birch Lake, along the Richardson Highway near Salcha in Alaska's Interior, is a fantastic fishing spot and very accessible. Tucked in among some of the Interior's most majestic mountains, Birch Lake is a great Alaska getaway. Birch Lake is one of the four road-accessible lakes within a two hour ...
Harding Lake
(Alaska, USA)
715 Harding Lake is the largest, deepest, and most easily reached of the four road-accessible lakes within two hours of Fairbanks (Birch Lake, Quartz Lake, and Chena Lake are the others). Located 45 miles from Fairbanks near Salcha in Alaska's Interior, Harding Lake is a rapidly improving sport fishery, ...
Chena Lake
(Alaska, USA)
489 Chena Lake Pictures Also known as: Chena River Lakes
If Santa Claus goes fishing, it's at Chena Lake. The small lake on the outskirts of North Pole, Alaska is a very accessible fishery and recreation spot that draws both outdoor and Christmas enthusiasts alike. Chena Lake is an important part of the much larger Chena River Lakes Project. The project ...
Kenai Lake
(Alaska, USA)
433 Kenai Lake Pictures One of the largest glacial lakes in the Kenai River System, Kenai Lake is a beautiful lake in a road-accessible area of Alaska. The backdrop of the majestic Kenai Mountains and its proximity to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge make Kenai Lake a great wilderness getaway. Boomerang shaped Kenai ...
Blue Lake
(Alaska, USA)
342 Also known as: Blue Lake Reservoir
Blue Lake, located in the Alaska Panhandle of southeastern Alaska, is for adventure seekers. The County of Sitka is known for its vistas, mountain backdrop and thick forests. Construction of the Blue Lake Dam in 1958 increased the surface area of natural Blue Lake from 490 acres to 1,225 acres, and ...
Lake Lucille
(Alaska, USA)
320 Also known as: Lucille Lake
Located in the Mat-Su Valley in the heart of scenic Alaska, Lake Lucille is a small lake with a rich history. Most of Lake Lucille's shore is privately owned and rimmed with lakeshore residences. Public access to the 362 acre lake is at the Lake Lucille Park on the southern shore. Owned by the Matanuska ...
Lake Clark
(Alaska, USA)
253 Lake Clark Pictures Lake Clark is located about 150 miles southwest of Anchorage in southern Alaska. The lake spans 128 square miles, making it the seventh* largest freshwater lake in the state. The lake is part of the 4 million acre Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. This park is often referred to as the "essence ...
Encelewski Lake
(Alaska, USA)
235 Encelewski Lake Message Forums Encelewski Lake, in Alaska's Southcentral Region, is a wilderness adventurer's dream. Neatly tucked away on the Kenai Peninsula, Encelewski Lake is less than three miles inland from Cook Inlet. The 101-acre lake is sparsely inhabited except by the thousands of rainbow trout Alaska Fish and Game stocks ...
Nancy Lake
(Alaska, USA)
218 Nancy Lake Message Forums Also known as: Nancy Lake State Recreation Area
Nancy Lake, near Willow, Alaska is part of the 22,685 acre area known as the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area. With limited development the area has remained wild and natural, both Nancy Lake and Nancy Lake State Recreation Area offer year round wilderness experiences. Over nine thousand years ...
Skilak Lake
(Alaska, USA)
150 Skilak Lake Pictures Tucked away in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge near Soldotna, Skilak Lake is a rare combination of accessibility and Alaskan Wilderness. Called a "miniature Alaska" by some because it includes every major habitat type found in Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is a fantastic place to explore, and Skilak ...
Big Lake
(Alaska, USA)
142 Big Lake Pictures There are over 3,000 lakes in the Mat-Su Valley, and Big Lake is one of the largest. The Mat-Su Borough, which is short for Matanuska-Susitna, is 24,000 square miles, about the size of West Virginia. With the beauty of the surrounding Talkeetna and Chugach Mountains and the clean glacial water and ...
Red Shirt Lake
(Alaska, USA)
121 Red Shirt Lake Message Forums Red Shirt Lake, located in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area in Alaska, is a remote lake that offers outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to have an Alaskan wilderness experience at its finest with minimal human development. Red Shirt Lake is one of the largest lakes in Nancy Lake State Recreation ...
Tustumena Lake
(Alaska, USA)
112 Tustumena Lake Pictures Alaska has 17,243 square miles of inland water including both lakes and rivers. The area of inland water is greater than the land mass of Massachusetts and Vermont combined. At 73,437 acres* Tustumena Lake near Kasilof is Alaska's eighth largest lake and the largest lake on the Kenai Peninsula. ...
Mendenhall Lake
(Alaska, USA)
52 Mendenhall Lake Pictures Mendenhall Lake Message Forums Also known as: McCush Lake (historic)
One of the must-visit destinations of the century is Mendenhall Lake in Alaska's Inside Passage Region. It may be important to visit the lake this century as it likely won't exist forever. The glacier-fed lake formed sometime after 1930 when nearby Mendenhall Glacier receded, exposing a deeply-scoured ...
Iliamna Lake
(Alaska, USA)
46 Iliamna Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Iliamna
Iliamna Lake, also known as Lake Iliamna, is the largest lake in Alaska and the second largest freshwater lake contained wholly within the United States (after Lake Michigan). This glacial lake in southwest Alaska is often referred to as an inland sea, stretching out about 80 miles long, 25 miles wide, ...
Naknek Lake
(Alaska, USA)
33 Naknek Lake Pictures Naknek Lake is located southwest of Anchorage on the Alaskan Peninsula. The lake is the fifth largest in Alaska, covering 144,315 acres* in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. The lake is the largest in the national park system and a prime destination for nature lovers, being especially known for its ...
Becharof Lake
(Alaska, USA)
13 Becharof Lake, the second* largest lake in Alaska, is located on the Alaskan Peninsula. Stretching an incredible 290,000 acres, the lake measures 35 miles long and 15 miles wide and reaches depths of as much as 600 feet. Deep in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Becharof Lake offers its visitors an unforgettable ...
Selawik Lake
(Alaska, USA)
0 Selawik Lake is located on the Arctic Circle in the the northwestern part of Alaska. Covering an impressive 263,000 acres*, the lake is the third largest in the state.Selawik Lake's name comes from the Inupiaq word for "place of sheefish," and the lake and its tributaries are especially known for this ...


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