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Appalachians Lakes A-Z

Appalachians Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Cave Run Lake Cave Run Lake Pictures Cave Run Lake, located in the Eastern Highlands Region of Kentucky, is an 8,270-acre manmade reservoir. Originally built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ...
Grayson Lake He tees up, shoulders square to the ball and swings. The ball sails down the fairway, past the clean, clear water and weathered sandstone cliffs. Any ...
Paintsville Lake Sharing acreage of both Johnson and Morgan counties in eastern Kentucky, Paintsville Lake has been a recreational staple since its creation in 1983. The ...
Yatesville Lake Yatesville Lake Pictures Also known as: Yatesville Lake State Park
The newest star in the Kentucky Appalachians region is Yatesville Lake. Very young as lakes go, Yatesville Lake was created in 1991 when the US Army Corps ...
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