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Here are the 12 lakes we have listed within Austria - compared by Deepest Lakes.

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Lake Constance
(Vorarlberg, Austria / Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany / St. Gallen, Switzerland / Thurgau, Switzerland)
833 Lake Constance Pictures Lake Constance Message Forums Also known as: Lake of Constance, Lake Bodensee
Lake Constance is a 132,448-acre lake situated in the northern foothills of the Alps between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The third-largest lake in central Europe in terms of total area, the scenery around Lake Constance is of striking beauty, with its sloping banks, green orchards and vineyards, ...
(Salzburg, Austria / Styria, Austria / Upper Austria, Austria)
561 Attersee Pictures Attersee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Attersee, Kammersee, Lake Kammersee
For centuries the beauty of Austria's Attersee (see = lake) has been an inspiration to musicians, artists, poets, and authors. Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, Lake Attersee is Austria's largest inland lake, only a 30 minute drive east of Salzburg. Lake Attersee's crystal clear water runs for 12 ...
(Tyrol, Austria)
436 Achensee Pictures Achensee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Achensee, Lake Achen, Tyrolean Fjord
Often called the Tyrolean Fjord, Achensee is the largest lake in Austria's western Tyrol province. Lake Achensee lies 30 miles northeast of Innsbruck and approximately 15 miles south of the German border. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, lush green forests and alpine meadows, the lake extends for six ...
Hallstatter See
(Upper Austria, Austria)
410 Hallstatter See Pictures Hallstatter See Message Forums Also known as: Lake Hallstatter, Lake Hallstatt, Hallstattersee
Lake Hallstatter (Hallstatter See or Hallstattersee in German) is one of the best known lakes in Austria's Salzkammergut resort area. A popular lake for scuba diving, scenic cruises and fishing, the surrounding mountains and alpine meadows also offer a variety of outdoor experiences including Nordic ...
Lake Wolfgang
(Salzburg, Austria)
374 Lake Wolfgang Pictures Lake Wolfgang Message Forums Also known as: Wolfgangsee Lake
One of the best loved and most popular of vacation lakes in Austria's Lake District is Lake Wolfgang. Called Wolfgangsee by the locals, the 3200-acre lake was created by glaciers thousands of years ago and has played a major part in the history of the Salzburg area ever since. The lake wasn't named ...
(Salzburg, Austria)
221 Fuschlsee Pictures Fuschlsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Fuschlsee, Lake Fuschl, Fuschl
Fuschlsee (see=lake) is one of a small chain of lakes found in Austria's Salzkammergut Lake District. This small but popular holiday destination is a sightseeing gem dotted with charming villages, beautiful summer swimming beaches and scenic winter mountain trails. Located in Salzburg Province about ...
(Styria, Austria)
209 Grundlsee Pictures Grundlsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Grundlsee, Lake Grundl, Grundl, Styrian Sea, das Steirische Meer
Grundlsee (see = lake) is one of a small cluster of lakes surrounding the peaceful Austrian community of Bad Aussee. Located in upper Styria Province (also known as Steiermark), Bad Aussee lies at the geographic center of Austria. Being part of the Salzkammergut Lake District, Grundlsee is surrounded ...
(Salzburg, Austria)
138 Mattsee Pictures Mattsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Mattsee, Lake Matt, Matt, Niedertrumer
Mattsee (see=lake) is one of four picturesque lakes forming the Salzburg Lake District. Located only 12 miles north of the city of Salzburg, Lake Mattsee and the lakeside community of Mattsee are beginning to touch the fringes of the city's suburbs. The combination of history, culture, architecture, ...
Faaker See
(Carinthia, Austria)
97 Faaker See Pictures Faaker See Message Forums Also known as: Lake Faak, Faak, Faakersee, Faaker Lake, Baska jezero
Lake Faaker is a beautiful alpine lake found in Austria's southern state of Carinthia (Karnten). Tucked against the steep northern slopes of the Karawanken mountain range, the sparkling blue water creates an inviting setting that attracts regional and international visitors. Lake Faaker sits southeast ...
Green Lake
(Styria, Austria)
40 Green Lake Pictures Green Lake Message Forums Also known as: Gruner See
Exquisite yet fleeting are the words that describe Austria's Green Lake. The tiny lake, ringed by pines and reflecting the massive Hochschwab Mountains, exists for only a few short months a year. A shallow pond within a park-like setting for most of the year, it becomes a stunning and picturesque study ...
Maltschacher See
(Carinthia, Austria)
22 Maltschacher See Message Forums Also known as: Maltschachersee, Maltschacher Lake, Lake Maltschacher, Lake Maltschach
Maltschacher See (See=Lake) is a lovely 32-acre (.129 square kilometers) resort lake tucked in the green rolling hills of Carinthia (Karnten), Austria's southern province. Noted for its scenic lakes and towering mountains, Carinthia offers a wide selection of holiday destinations. Travelers searching ...
Gosselsdorfer See
(Carinthia, Austria)
10 Gosselsdorfer See Message Forums Also known as: Lake Gosselsdorfer, Gosselsdorfer Lake, Gosselsdorfersee
Gosselsdorfer See is a tranquil 79-acre (.32 square kilometer) lake lying within a 476-acre (2 square kilometer) conservation area. Found in the municipality of Eberndorf in southeast Carinthia, Austria, Gosselsdorfer Lake serves as an important migration stop for birds crossing the Karawanken mountain ...
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