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Bavaria Lakes A-Z

Bavaria Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Alpsee Alpsee Pictures Also known as: Lake Alpsee
Beautiful Lake Alpsee in the Bavarian Alps is widely regarded as one of Germany's most picturesque vistas. The lake lies beneath Hohenschwangau Castle, ...
Altmuhl Lake Also known as: Altmuhlsee
Sprawling across the heart of Bavaria in a land more comfortable measuring time in millennia than years, Altmuhl Lake (Altmuhlsee in German) is a recently ...
Ammersee Ammersee Pictures Also known as: Ammer Lake
Tucked away in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps in the land of beer, gardens, and fairytale castles, Ammersee (see =lake) shines like a jewel. Covering ...
Brombachsee Brombachsee Pictures Also known as: Lake Brombach, Brombach Lake, Brombachsee Lake, Brombachvorsperre
As the largest lake in the man-made Franconian Lake District, Brombachsee--also known as Lake Brombach or Brombachvorsperre--is an impressive and popular ...
Konigssee Konigssee Pictures Also known as: Konigssee Lake
For an authentic Bavarian Alps holiday, nothing quite compares to the Konigssee. Stretched below the east face of the famed Watzmann mountain range, narrow, ...
Lake Chiemsee Lake Chiemsee Pictures Lake Chiemsee is the crown jewel of Bavaria's tourist region. Located about half-way between Munich and Salzburg, Austria, Lake Chiemsee has been a favored ...
Lake Starnberg Lake Starnberg Pictures Also known as: Wurmsee, Starnberger See
Lake Starnberg, located in the Five-Lakes Region of Bavaria, plays a major role in the recreational plans of Munich residents. Located only 12 miles from ...
Roth Lake Roth Lake Pictures Also known as: Rothsee
Children play at the beach on the shores of Roth Lake, while harried parents let the sun melt their cares away. In the background sailboats glide across ...
Tegernsee Tegernsee Pictures Also known as: Lake Tegern
It is a picture perfect postcard with lush green meadows at the base of snow-capped mountains, and the blue water of Tegernsee (see=lake) is the center ...
Worthsee Also known as: Worth Lake
"Gemuetlichkeit" is German for a certain kind of "Bavarian coziness," and it is an appropriate way to describe Worthsee (see=lake) or Worth Lake. Nestled ...
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