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Map: Beach Pond

Beach Pond's 459 acres span the south-central Rhode Island-Connecticut state line near the communities of Exeter and Voluntown -- the wooded shoreline is part of Rhode Island's Washington County Region and Connecticut's Mystic Country Region. Completed in 1885, Beach Pond has long been a favorite recreation spot for residents of Washington County, Rhode Island and New London County, Connecticut.

Part of a popular canoe trail, Beach Pond Dam feeds the Pachaug River, which runs through Connecticut's Pachaug State Forest to Quinebaug River. A paved boat ramp located at the northern Connecticut end of the lake provides access to the 60-foot depths of Beach Pond. A parking lot and hand-carried boat launch is available at the Rhode Island end of the causeway crossing Beach Pond. Waterskiers will be happy to note that there are no horsepower limits on Beach Pond. The only restriction states that waterskiing is prohibited within 800 feet of the dam.

In 2008, concerns over continued erosion, roadway runoff and safety forced the closure of Rhode Island's beach at Beach Pond; the area is no longer a licensed recreational beach. The original concession stand and restroom facilities have been removed, so there are no facilities open to the public.

Fishing is a popular pastime on Beach Pond, where both Connecticut and Rhode Island fishing licenses grant fishing rights to the entire pond. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, Beach Pond is unique in that it offers the best of both warm and cold fisheries. Calico bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and bullhead will be found in the upper levels of warm water. With depths up to 60 feet, deep cold-water levels are stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout and walleye.

Half of Beach Pond is bordered by forests and protected land. Most of Rhode Island's shores are part of the Arcadia Management Area. Rhode Island manages this area for hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. "Walk in" and "backpack" camping is permitted; a shelter is available for rent. The northern portion of Connecticut's shore borders Pachaug State Forest. Over 24,000 acres of forest land tempt visitors to come fish, swim, camp, rock climb or backpack through secluded forest trails.

Much of Beach Pond's Connecticut shoreline has been developed into beautifully landscaped lakeside real estate. Located half way between Boston and New York, Beach Pond makes a wonderful getaway for urban dwellers. Whether you prefer views of the woods or the water, vacation rentals and real estate properties in and around Exeter and Voluntown offer a quiet retreat and relaxed way of life.

The rural countryside of Rhode Island and Connecticut combine nature and sports with their small-town atmosphere. The Audubon Society of Rhode Island maintains Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge. Located just outside of Exeter, the refuge is open for hiking, bird watching and photography. In addition to Beach Pond, Exeter is home to beautifully landscaped golf courses and the only ski resort in Rhode Island.

Both Rhode Island and Connecticut are closely tied to the sea so short scenic drives from Beach Pond will take you to the waterfronts. Drive thirty miles east of Beach Pond, and you'll have access to the resorts and beaches of Narragansett Bay. Thirty miles southwest of Beach Pond is historic Mystic Seaport, a must-see for maritime enthusiasts. Here you'll fill your day exploring exhibits, observing boat restoration, or touring the large collection of boats and ships at the Museum of America and the Sea. The museum offers a number of classes including sailing, power-boat safety, and navigation. To observe the latest in marine-life research, visit Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time resident, Beach Pond lends itself to many forms of recreation and relaxation. Whether you come to boat, hike, bike or sit and observe nature's beauty find your home along Beach Pond and come to enjoy a relaxed way of life where time slows and worries vanish.

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