Tall Ship <BR>photo © ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/tecfan/504356060/##Tecfan

Tall Ship
photo © Tecfan

The world’s Tall Ships (tall-masted sailing ships) have played an important role in America’s celebrations: the World’s Fair Parade of Ships (1964), America’s Bicentennial (1976), Salute to the Statue of Liberty (1986), Columbus Quincentennial (1992), and the Summer Millennium Celebration (2000).

The Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge® 2010 is a partnership between the American Sail Training Association and Great Lakes United, bringing a fleet of international tall ships to all five Great Lakes during the 2010 summer. The ships will race from port to port from late June to the end of August, bringing a message of conservation and protection of the Great Lakes. The ships will visit Toronto, Cleveland, Bay City, Duluth, Green Bay, and Chicago.

Split Rock Lighthouse Overlooking Lake Superior <BR>photo © ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicoletyrrell/2917782444/##nty713

Split Rock Lighthouse Overlooking Lake Superior
photo © nty713

The Challenge is an environmentally friendly race that trains young sailors in a sustainable mode of transportation: wind. Although the Great Lakes are the world’s largest source of fresh water, they are a fragile ecosystem and vulnerable to degradation.

Great Lakes United is a diverse coalition of organizations that have united over the past three decades to preserve the health of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. These organizations have worked together to clean up toxic pollution, stop invasive species, and promote responsible use of these vital waterways.

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