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Wakeboarding on South Lake HolstonArturo Donate: Wakeboarding is a favorite pastime on South Lake Holston, where fishing and boating also take center stage. The manmade reservoir is surrounded by the 640,000-acre Cherokee National Forest, which offers miles of hiking trails, wildlife watching, and horseback riding.

Lake Holston wakeboardingArturo Donate: This is another great shot of sunset wakeboarding on South Lake Holston. Though the lake straddles the Virginia-Tennessee border, its Tennessee section accounts for more than 75% of its total acreage. Known as “A Good Place to Live,” South Lake Holston offers a wide array of activities, pleasant climate, and friendly community.

Tri-Colored Heron on Lake St. CharlesDan Jordan: Lake St. Charles is a residential, lakefront community situated just 20 minutes south of Tampa. The subdivision is known for its outdoor offerings, many of which center around the peaceful, 70-acre lake. Tri-colored herons, also known as Louisiana herons, live from the Gulf Coast south to Brazil and Peru.

Mandarin DuckHenry McLin: Male mandarin ducks are among the world’s most colorful, sporting a red bill, purple breast, and brown-orange sail feathers. A monogamous species, in China, they are said to symbolize marital love and fidelity, and are therefore used in traditional wedding ceremonies.

castle on Lake BledMirjana Papez: Beautiful Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most visited lakes. Snuggled into the picturesque Julian Alps, this glacial lake is known for its clear waters, rich history, and incredible vistas. An island at the lake’s center is home to an ancient church and the oldest documented castle in the country.

Lake Louise, Alberta, CanadaPhilipp Haupt: Located in picturesque Banff National Park, Lake Louise is surrounded by snowcapped Rocky Mountains, dense forest, and a smattering of glacial lakes. Lake Louise is known for its unusual emerald-turquoise hue, which comes courtesy of small rock particles and glacial erosion — a wonder to behold.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoethe_tahoe_guy: Spectacular Lake Tahoe, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddles the California-Nevada state line. It is the second-deepest lake in the United States and one of the country’s most famous, thanks in part to helping host the 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics.

Richmond Park-2

Sunbeams across Lake Geneva

Lake Myvatn panorama

Lake Tahoe

Sunset fishing trip Lake Victoria


No boats

Wild Woman

Radigan Flowage

A little rain

Lake Merritt Bird


Not another Ruddy duck..:O)

Swan and CignetsLars Christopher Nøttaasen: This photo