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Boyer Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Boyer Lake, Minnesota, USA

Boyer Lake is a scenic, 383-acre lake in western Becker County, Minnesota. With its many small islands, bays, and peninsulas, the lake is a favorite with canoeists and kayakers. Fishing is also popular and the lake has an excellent reputation for northern pike, largemouth bass, and walleye.

A public boat ramp on the northwest shore and boat access from Highway 10 lets boaters onto Boyer Lake. Most of the shoreline is forested with private residences and cabins tucked in among the trees. A dam on the northern end of the lake serves for flood control. The random shoreline of the lake allows for privacy and anglers will have no problem finding that perfect spot to drop anchor and fish. Aside from its top game fish, large populations of crappie, bullhead, yellow perch and bluegill also call the lake home. Note: Although most fish taken from Minnesota lakes and streams are safe to eat, refer to the Fish Consumption Advice from the Minnesota Department of Health (link below) before eating fish caught from any Minnesota waterway.

There is no camping on Boyer Lake, but vacation rentals and waterfront real estate for sale are found along the shoreline. The lake population includes both permanent and seasonal residents. A visit to one of the islands on the lake makes an excellent spot for an afternoon picnic or a refreshing swim. Many of the islands have trees that turn brilliant shades of orange, gold, and red in the fall. The islands are also a great place to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the area.

Although there are no designated hiking trails around Boyer Lake, walking through the woods or along the shoreline is not difficult. In the fall, hiking is a must to truly enjoy the amazing colors of the leaves on the trees.

Winter activities at Boyer Lake include ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking. Winter is a very active time of the year for many Minnesotans. Boyer Lake is an occasional winterkill lake, meaning the oxygen levels become too low to support fish during the winter when the lake freezes and thick snow cover reduces the amount of oxygen passing through the ice. The most recent winterkill in Boyer Lake was recorded in 1986.

Visitors to Boyer Lake seeking additional outdoor activities can head to nearby 88-acre Lunde State Wildlife Management Area, west of the Lake, and 51-acre Cuba State Wildlife Management Area, north of the lake. Both areas offer fishing and hunting for waterfowl, pheasant and deer.

For supplies, fine dining, or just a change of scenery, towns near Boyer Lake include Lake Park and Audubon, where you will find friendly communities, shops, and all the latest amenities. Head west on Highway 10 and you will find yourself in the area of Moorhead, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota. This region offers colleges and universities, movie theaters, art galleries, golf courses and several fantastic shopping centers and retail outlets. Head east on Highway 10 and drive to Detroit Lakes; this city of approximately 7,500 offers fishing, water skiing, river tubing, and snowmobiling. Several shopping and retail outlets are also located here.

Becker County prides itself in being a top-notch recreation destination. The lush forests surrounding Boyer Lake and the crystal clear water are a prime reason many people come to fish, swim, boat, hunt, hike, ski, snowmobile, and just relax. What are you waiting for?

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