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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Quarry Lakes
(California, USA)
2000 Quarry Lakes Pictures Quarry Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Horseshoe Lake, Rainbow Lake, Lago Los Osos
In an amazing display of landscape renovation, California's Bay Area created a much-loved recreational area featuring the Quarry Lakes. Horseshoe, Rainbow and Lago Los Osos Lakes are the centerpiece of this 471-acre suburban park. As the name indicates, the three lakes were once gravel quarries along ...
Diamond Valley Lake
(California, USA)
1999 Diamond Valley Lake Pictures Diamond Valley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Diamond Valley Reservoir
Diamond Valley Lake lies between two mountains in California's Inland Empire tourism region. The 4,500-acre lake is Southern California's newest and largest reservoir. It has only been at full pond since 2002 and already has been crowned the "Jewel" of California lakes, with a reputation for excellent ...
Los Vaqueros Reservoir
(California, USA)
1997 Los Vaqueros Reservoir Pictures Los Vaqueros Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Los Vaqueros Lake
The Los Vaqueros Reservoir in the San Francisco Bay area is being remodeled! Soon to be re-opened, Los Vaqueros Lake is going to be even bigger and better. The dam is complete, the fish are stocked, the marina moved, and new fishing docks being built. The reservoir is being refilled now and is expected ...
Lake Sonoma
(California, USA)
1983 Lake Sonoma Pictures Lake Sonoma Message Forums In 1983 the US Army Corps of Engineers completed the Warm Springs Dam, and the almost limitless recreation opportunities of Sonoma County California expanded to include Lake Sonoma. With its fantastic fishing, boating, and water sports and the beauty of the surrounding wine country, the 2700-acre Lake ...
New Melones Lake
(California, USA)
1979 New Melones Lake Pictures Also known as: New Melones Reservoir
Gently placed into the central Sierra Nevada Mountains near Sonora in Calaveras County, New Melones Lake holds the title of fourth largest reservoir by volume in California. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed the New Melones Dam and powerhouse between 1966 and 1979 for flood control on the ...
Silverwood Lake
(California, USA)
1972 Silverwood Lake Pictures Silverwood Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Silverwood
Rimmed with live oak, manzanita, and mountain mahogany and set against the backdrop of the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains, Silverwood Lake is an important lake for more than just recreation. The lake is part of the State Water Project that brings much-needed water and power to southern California ...
Don Pedro Lake
(California, USA)
1971 Don Pedro Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Don Pedro, Don Pedro Reservoir
Don Pedro Lake, also known as Don Pedro Reservoir and Lake Don Pedro, is nestled into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With a surface area of nearly 13,000 acres, Lake Don Pedro is the fifth largest reservoir according to capacity in California. Today, it is used for agricultural irrigation, ...
Lake Wildwood
(California, USA)
1970 Lake Wildwood Pictures Lake Wildwood Message Forums A delightful private lake in California's Gold Country, Lake Wildwood is ideally placed to furnish variety and enjoyment. The 290-acre man-made lake in the Sierra foothills is the centerpiece of an upscale housing development geared toward recreation. The lake and its nearby golf course provide a serene ...
New Bullards Bar Reservoir
(California, USA)
1970 New Bullards Bar Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Bullards Bar Reservoir
New Bullards Bar Reservoir is located on the west side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Yuba County, California, surrounded by the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests. This 4700-acre lake was created by the Yuba County Water Agency by impounding the North Fork of the Yuba River for flood control, irrigation ...
Pine Mountain Lake
(California, USA)
1970 Pine Mountain Lake Pictures Pine Mountain Lake Message Forums Pine Mountain Lake is a private lake and community in Tuolomne County California. With amenities that include a golf course, restaurant and stables open to the public, however, it is obvious that Pine Mountain Lake welcomes visitors. The lake was created by the Pine Mountain Dam which falls under ...
San Luis Reservoir
(California, USA)
1969 San Luis Reservoir Pictures A sparkling sapphire gem carved into the eastern edge of the San Joaquin Valley, the San Luis Reservoir enjoys a scenic location in Merced County. This California reservoir is jointly owned and operated by the California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Unlike other ...
Lake of the Pines
(California, USA)
1967 Lake of the Pines Message Forums Also known as: Main Lake, Entrance Pond, Huck Finn Pond, Hazel Lake
Located in the foothills of northeastern California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake of the Pines is a 232-acre private lake surrounded by a gated community. Opened in 1967, the community also includes four-acre Hazel Lake, three-acre Huck Finn Pond and the half-acre Entrance Pond. Of the 1,999 homesites ...
Lake Oroville
(California, USA)
1967 Lake Oroville Pictures Also known as: Oroville Reservoir
Lake Oroville, snuggled into the Sierra Nevada Foothills about 75 miles north of Sacramento, is one of northern California's favorite playgrounds. Boasting the tallest earthen dam in the United States -- 770 feet -- the reservoir was built by the California Department of Water Resources on the Feather ...
Lake Berryessa
(California, USA)
1963 Lake Berryessa Pictures Lake Berryessa, nestled into the heart of California's wine country, is the largest lake in Napa County. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation built the Monticello Dam on Putah Creek in 1957 for flood control, municipal and industrial water supply, and irrigation water supply. The reservoir filled to over ...
Lewiston Lake
(California, USA)
1963 Lewiston Lake Message Forums A great blue heron intent on catching fish for his breakfast stands undisturbed as a canoe glides by, holding an angler with the same idea. With nothing but the swish and pop of a fly rod to break the silence, morning begins on Lewiston Lake. Nestled at the base of the Trinity Alps in northern California, ...
Whiskeytown Lake
(California, USA)
1963 Whiskeytown Lake Pictures Pristine Whiskeytown Lake is located 8 miles west of Redding in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, a portion of the larger Shasta-Trinity Recreation Area. It is formed by Whiskeytown Dam on Clear Creek as part of the Bureau of Reclamation's Central Valley Water Project, providing water for agriculture, ...
Lake Kaweah
(California, USA)
1962 Lake Kaweah Pictures Lake Kaweah Message Forums Also known as: Kaweah Lake, Kaweah Reservoir
Lake Kaweah, located about halfway between the City of Visalia and Sequoia National Park in California's Central Valley region, is an engineering marvel and an enigma to many casual observers. The reservoir, created behind Terminus Dam on the Kaweah River, covers 1,945 acres of water when full. However, ...
Trinity Lake
(California, USA)
1962 Trinity Lake Pictures Trinity Lake Message Forums Also known as: Clair Engle Lake
In 1976 Tim Brady from Weaverville caught the California record smallmouth bass in Trinity Lake. The quiet lake still draws anglers today, both for the fishing and the outstanding history and recreation nearby. Construction of Trinity Dam on the Trinity River started in 1957 and was completed in ...
Lake Nacimiento
(California, USA)
1961 Lake Nacimiento Pictures Also known as: Dragon Lake
Located in central California in northern San Luis Obispo County, Lake Nacimiento is truly a sight to see. This 18.6 mile long beauty received the nickname "Dragon Lake" because of its many arms which include Snake Creek, Dip Creek, Las Tablas Creek, and Franklin Creek. With 5,727 water acres, 163 miles ...
Santee Lakes
(California, USA)
1961 Santee Lakes Pictures Santee Lakes Message Forums In arid San Diego County, seven interconnected lakes show just how attractive reclaimed water can be. The 190-acre Santee Lakes Regional Park celebrated its 50th birthday in 2012 and is getting better year after year. The water reclamation project was begun in 1961 to solve a problem. The result provides ...
Success Lake
(California, USA)
1961 Success Lake Pictures Success Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Success, Success Reservoir
Feeding America's families is just one of the quiet duties of Success Lake in California's fertile Central Valley region. Since the Tule River was dammed in 1961 just outside Porterville, Success Lake has stored water for release to the valley farms that grow grapes, citrus, nuts, olives, apricots, ...
Lake Mendocino
(California, USA)
1958 Lake Mendocino Pictures Lake Mendocino Message Forums With the gateway to the redwoods on one side and California's wine country on the other, Lake Mendocino is an extraordinary vacation destination. The lake offers year-round camping, hiking, and fishing, but the lake is most popular in the summer. The quiet spring, fall, and winter seasons offer a pace ...
Lake Tulloch
(California, USA)
1958 Lake Tulloch Pictures Lake Tulloch Message Forums Also known as: Tulloch Lake
An impoundment of the Stanislaus River, Lake Tulloch is part of a much larger water system and provides water for both irrigation and recreation. With its recreational boating, fantastic fishing, and local gold rush history, Lake Tulloch has something for everyone. Created in 1958 with the construction ...
Beardsley Lake
(California, USA)
1957 Beardsley Lake Pictures Beardsley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Beardsley Reservior, Beardsley Lake Reservoir
Nearly 60 years ago, the effort to provide water to the orchards and farms in California's Central Valley brought about the creation of beautiful Beardsley Lake. The artificial reservoir in the Stanislaus National Forest filled with water after construction of a dam across the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus ...
Donnells Reservoir
(California, USA)
1957 Donnells Reservoir Pictures Donnells Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Donnells Lake, Donnell Lake
Donnells Reservoir is one of the Central Sierra's most picturesque lakes. Sometimes called Donnell Lake, it has its own dedicated viewing location and is often seen but seldom visited. The miles-long reservoir flooding a portion of the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River lies between steep granite ...


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