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Here are the 133 lakes we have listed within Canada - compared by Deepest Lakes.

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Great Slave Lake
(Northwest Territories, Canada)
2,010 Great Slave Lake Pictures Great Slave Lake is the fifth-largest lake (by acreage) in North America and, following Great Bear Lake, is the second-largest in Canada. A natural lake, it is located in south-central Northwest Territories (NWT). Located just south of the Arctic Circle, Great Slave Lake is frozen about five and a half ...
Adams Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1,502 Adams Lake Pictures Adams Lake Message Forums Located in southern British Columbia amid the Columbia Mountains, Adams Lake is a more remote and less developed neighbor to nearby Shuswap Lake. Covering 34,000 acres with 93 miles of shoreline, Adams Lake reaches depths of 1,502 feet, making it the second-deepest Lake in British Columbia. Despite ...
Great Bear Lake
(Northwest Territories, Canada)
1,463 Great Bear Lake Pictures Great Bear Lake is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is a natural lake, encircled by wilderness, and the largest lake completely in Canada. Great Bear Lake is on the Arctic Circle and ice-covered eight months out of the year. With an area of over 7 million acres and more than 26 islands, ...
Lake Superior
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Michigan, USA / Minnesota, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,332 Lake Superior Pictures Skipping over state and country borders, Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, cleanest, least developed, and most pristine of the Great Lakes, reigns as the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. By volume, this 31,820 square mile colossus ranks fourth - a whopping 2,900 cubic ...
Manicouagan Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
1,146 Manicouagan Reservoir Pictures Manicouagan Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Lake Manicouagan, Lac Manicouagan, Lac Mouchalagane
Manicouagan Reservoir is one of the world's most interesting geological features. This huge annular (circular) lake was shaped by a number of factors, earliest of which was an asteroid strike an estimated 211 million years ago which created an impact crater over 60 miles across. In more recent history, ...
Nimpkish Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1,050 Nimpkish Lake Pictures Nimpkish Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Nimpkish
Nimpkish Lake is a scenic wonder and a prime destination for windsurfers and fishermen. Located at the northeast corner of Vancouver Island, Nimpkish Lake forms a wide and extremely deep spot along 14 miles of the Nimpkish River. In fact, Nimpkish Lake is the deepest lake on Vancouver Island, reaching ...
Grand Lake
(Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
985 Grand Lake Pictures Grand Lake Message Forums Grand Lake is one of those often-overlooked gems that has much to offer. Located in the province of Newfoundland, Grand Lake is a natural lake dammed for hydroelectric power early in the last century. The expanded lake now covers about 132,000 acres along the Humber River. Set amid the craggy heights ...
Great Central Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
961 Great Central Lake Pictures Great Central Lake Message Forums Also known as: Central Lake
One of the most popular spots on a hot summer day on Vancouver Island is Great Central Lake. Long and narrow, nestled beneath low mountains, Great Central Lake stretches over 25 miles west to east. The shoreline is steep and nearly inaccessible in most areas, with the entrance of choice located at the ...
Lake Michigan-Huron
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Illinois, USA / Indiana, USA / Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
923 Lake Michigan-Huron Pictures Lake Michigan and Lake Huron - two of North America's Great Lakes - are contiguous and they share the same elevation of 577 feet above sea level. They are connected by the five-mile-wide Straits of Mackinac. Hydrologically, this makes these "two lakes" a single lake. Some hydrologists designate the ...
Bras d'Or Lake
(Nova Scotia, Canada)
918 Bras d'Or Lake Pictures Also known as: Bras d'Or Lakes
Bras d'Or Lake, translated as Arm of Gold, is a very large somewhat unique water body in central Cape Breton Island, part of Nova Scotia Province in Canada. The 424-square-mile lake is nestled between forested hills with many scenic coves and lovely hideaways for boaters. Little commercial development ...
Harrison Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
916 Harrison Lake Pictures Harrison Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Harrison, Lake Qualts, Lake Kwals
Found in Canada's beautiful Fraser Valley, Harrison Lake is the largest body of fresh water in southwestern British Columbia. Located 75 miles (120 kilometers) east of Vancouver, the lake and its hot springs provide a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and fertile valleys, ...
Slocan Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
902 Slocan Lake Pictures Slocan Lake Message Forums Also known as: The Slocan
Beautiful Slocan Lake occupies a scenic portion of British Columbia's Slocan River Valley. This natural undammed lake is unusual as it has no major rivers running into it. Instead, a number of small streams bring water into the deep and cold 20-mile-long lake which drains to the Slocan River. Nestled ...
Lake Winnipegosis
(Manitoba, Canada)
833 Lake Winnipegosis is located in central Manitoba Province about 375 miles (by car) northwest of the major city of Winnipeg. It is one of the best outdoor natural lakes, almost completely encircled by wilderness. Lake Winnipegosis is 120 miles long and has a maximum width of 32 miles with an irregular ...
Lake Ontario
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / New York, USA)
802 Lake Ontario Pictures Lake Ontario, one of the world's five Great Lakes, weaves over state and country borders, delighting Americans, Canadians, and visiting tourists with its deep, clear, clean waters. Proudly home to a staggering 4,700,000 acres (7,340 square miles), Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, the ...
Okanagan Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
754 Okanagan Lake Pictures Okanagan Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Okanagan
Okanagan Lake, located in British Columbia's Napa of the North Country, is a vacationer's paradise. Its sheer size and convenient location make this well-developed area the perfect destination for any activity you can imagine. Visitors can enjoy an active day on the water fishing, boating, parasailing, ...
Lake Huron
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Michigan, USA)
750 Lake Huron Pictures A glacial lake of epic proportions, Lake Huron is the second largest of the five Great Lakes by surface area, boasting 23,010 square miles and an incredible 3,825-mile shoreline. The massive lake is the third largest of the Great Lakes by water volume, containing 850 cubic miles of fresh water within ...
Reindeer Lake
(Manitoba, Canada / Saskatchewan, Canada)
710 Reindeer Lake Message Forums Reindeer Lake is the one of the largest lakes in North America, covering about 1,500,000 acres and spanning the border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces in Canada. Estimates of the lake's immense size range from 1,309,800 to 1,640,000 acres. At 180 miles long, Reindeer Lake's exterior shoreline ...
Lake Timiskaming
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada)
709 Lake Timiskaming Pictures Lake Timiskaming Message Forums Also known as: Lake Temiskaming, Lac Temiscamingue
Large, scenic and inviting, Lake Timiskaming forms part of the border between Ontario and Quebec. A full 68 miles long, Lake Timiskaming is about 5 miles wide at its widest point. However, that width is deceptive; the lake formed in a rift valley and is more than 700 feet deep in spots. The lake lies ...
Mabel Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
630 Mabel Lake Message Forums Located in south central British Columbia, Mabel Lake shares its shore with Mabel Lake Provincial Park and private development. Found in the midst of beautiful mountain scenery, Mabel Lake lies within the Shuswap River system where the landscape changes from the forested slopes of the Thompson Plateau ...
Horsefly Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
600 Horsefly Lake Message Forums Horsefly Lake is a 34-mile long lake winding gently through the Cariboo Regional District in south central British Columbia. Located approximately one hour northeast of the community of Williams Lake, Horsefly Lake shares its shore with Horsefly Lake Provincial Park, Crown Land wilderness area, and ...
Lake Mistassini
(Quebec, Canada)
600 Lake Mistassini Message Forums Also known as: Lac Mistassini
Lake Mistassini in Quebec's James Bay region is the stuff fishing legends are made of. Located 220 miles east of James Bay and over 400 miles north of Montreal, Lake Mistassini is the largest natural lake in Quebec. This is fly-in country; getting to the lake by road takes considerable effort, not to ...
Lake Nipigon
(Ontario, Canada)
540 Lake Nipigon Pictures Lake Nipigon Message Forums Located in Ontario Canada's Sunset Country, Lake Nipigon is a destination into a remote area of pristine wilderness and the largest lake entirely within the boundaries of Ontario. With towering cliffs, hundreds of islands to explore, and the unusual greenish-black sandy beaches, Lake Nipigon is outdoor ...
Shuswap Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
528 Shuswap Lake Pictures Shuswap Lake Message Forums With 889 miles of shoreline and a multitude of provincial parks, 76,602-acre Shuswap Lake in the Southern Interior of British Columbia offers unlimited water related recreational opportunities. The lake also boasts the largest houseboat fleet in Canada for those looking for a unique and fun way to vacation ...
Alouette Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
522 Alouette Lake Pictures Alouette Lake Message Forums Also known as: Alouette Reservoir, Lillooet Lake (historic)
Only an hour away from big-city Vancouver, Alouette Lake provides a wilderness experience and a mountain view of beautiful Golden Ears Provincial Park. Originally named Lillooet Lake, the reservoir was renamed Alouette Lake to distinguish it from another Lillooet Lake in British Columbia. The original ...
Kootenay Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
505 Kootenay Lake Pictures Kootenay Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Kootenay
Kootenay Lake's deep, clear waters stretch over 60 miles and 96,000 acres, reflecting the icy peaks of Kokanee Glacier. The lake is beautiful, ringed with the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges. The lake is home to the Gerrard Rainbow Trout, the world's largest trout, known for their size and ability ...
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