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Here are the 144 lakes we have listed within Canada - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Moraine Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
6,181 Moraine Lake Pictures Moraine Lake Message Forums Moraine Lake, one of the jewels in Banff National Park's crown, is sometimes dismissively called 'the other lake'. Nothing could be more misleading. Neighbor Lake Louise may get more visitors and more travel industry attention, but Moraine Lake is a star in its own right. Located about ten miles from ...
Peyto Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
6,100 Peyto Lake Pictures Peyto Lake Message Forums Banff National Park in Alberta province is the birthplace of the Canadian national park system (1885), and Peyto Lake is one of the small, spectacularly beautiful, glacial lakes snuggled within the Park. The Canadian Rockies frame 346-acre Peyto Lake, renowned for its brilliant emerald-turquoise colored ...
Lake Louise
(Alberta, Canada)
5,679 Lake Louise Pictures Snuggled into Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a small lake in Alberta, Canada framed by the Rocky Mountains. The lake's 200 acres may not seem impressive on paper, but the area's rich outdoor offerings have lured visitors to the lake for many years. Lake Louise is a glacial lake renowned for ...
Maligne Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
5,479 Maligne Lake Pictures Maligne Lake Message Forums With a name derived from the French word for wicked or evil, Alberta's Maligne Lake (pronounced muh-leen) offers a contradictory scenic and serene face. Located within Canada's Jasper National Park, remote Maligne Lake shares its name with a nearby mountain range and the Maligne River. So named by ...
Lake Minnewanka
(Alberta, Canada)
4,992 Lake Minnewanka Pictures Lake Minnewanka Message Forums Also known as: Minnewanka Lake
Lake Minnewanka holds the distinction of being the largest lake in Banff National Park. The 17-mile-long lake lies between scenic mountain ranges and supports a wealth of wildlife along its shores. Only three miles north of the Town of Banff, this spectacular lake provides rustic recreation to a large ...
Abraham Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
4,400 Abraham Lake Pictures Abraham Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Abraham
Abraham Lake is Alberta's largest reservoir, gracing the Kootenay Plains area of the Canadian Rockies' front range. The reservoir, created by damming the North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, stores spring run-off for later use in hydroelectric generation. Because the rapidly-changing lake levels ...
Quarry Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
4,300 Quarry Lake Message Forums Quarry Lake is 129-acre lake located one hour west of Calgary and five minutes from the town of Canmore and Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. As the name indicates, Quarry Lake began life as a quarry that was eventually lined with clay and allowed to fill. Today, Quarry Lake is a favorite recreational ...
Emerald Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
4,267 Emerald Lake Pictures Emerald Lake Message Forums Emerald Lake, the largest lake in British Columbia's Yoho National Park, is also one of the most scenic. The lovely lake nestled in the Emerald Basin below little Emerald Glacier is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, including the President Range, Wapta Mountain and Mount Burgess. This scenic backdrop, ...
Waterton Lakes
(Alberta, Canada / Montana, USA)
4,199 Waterton Lakes Pictures Waterton Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Chief Mountain Lake, Knights Lake, Kootenay Lakes
"Where the mountains meet the prairies" is the motto of Waterton Lakes National Park, the home of three Waterton Lakes that straddle the Montana-Alberta, Canada border. This unique landscape is one of the very few places where the prairies meet the Rockies without the transitional foothills common in ...
Horseshoe Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
4,142 Horseshoe Lake Pictures Horseshoe Lake Message Forums One of the hidden gems in Alberta's Jasper National Park is stunning Horseshoe Lake. This small lake is hemmed by towering cliffs along much of its shoreline and displays sparkling clear water in varying shades of blue. Shaped like a lopsided 'U', the reason for the name is obvious-as is the reason ...
Kelly Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
3,503 Kelly Lake Pictures Kelly Lake Message Forums Kelly Lake has secrets. But the biggest secret is a secret no more - and has put small Kelly Lake on the international radar. Both NASA and the Canadian Space Agency are hanging out at Kelly Lake these days, in preparation for exploring Mars in the future. So, what does this remote 115-acre lake have ...
Lake Annette & Lake Edith
(Alberta, Canada)
3,350 Lake Annette & Lake Edith Pictures Lake Annette & Lake Edith Message Forums Two small lakes just outside of the Town of Jasper, Lake Annette and Lake Edith are favorites of local lake lovers. Although the lakes aren't quite as spectacular as some of those in Jasper National Park, the stunning view of Mount Edith Cavell, one of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies, makes ...
Sylvan Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
3,073 Sylvan Lake Pictures Sylvan Lake Message Forums Sylvan Lake is located midway between Alberta's two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton, and 12 miles northwest of Red Deer. This natural lake covers 10,576 acres with 21 miles of shoreline. Sylvan Lake offers many scenic vistas: sandy beaches, wetland margins, and 70-foot limestone bluffs. The growing ...
St. Mary's Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
3,051 St. Mary's Lake Pictures St. Mary's Lake Message Forums Also known as: St. Mary Lake, St. Marys Lake
St. Mary's Lake is a beautiful and tranquil 729-acre lake located west of the community of Kimberley in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. Located at the base of Bootleg Mountain, the lake is a popular destination for fishing, swimming, bird watching and paddling trips. The St. Mary's ...
Eagle Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
3,025 Eagle Lake Message Forums Also known as: Pataomoxecing
Follow the Trans-Canada Highway 25 miles east of Calgary and you will arrive at the northern shore of Eagle Lake. Surrounded by south-central Alberta's wind-swept grasslands and vast skies, Eagle Lake is a treasure in a land of harsh winters and dry summers. Found on the eastern outskirts of Strathmore, ...
Bowron Lakes
(British Columbia, Canada)
3,006 Bowron Lakes Pictures Bowron Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Kibbee Lake, Indianpoint Lake, Isaac Lake, McLeary Lake, Lanezi Lake, Sandy Lake, Unna Lake, Skoi Lake, Spectacle Lake, Swan Lake, Babcock Lake
Central British Columbia's Bowron Lakes is one of North America's finest canoe tours. Famous the world over, the Bowron Lakes attract visitors from all over Canada, the United States and Europe. About 4,500 paddlers enjoy the 72-mile circular canoe route in Bowron Lake Provincial Park each year. With ...
Gull Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
2,950 Gull Lake Pictures Gull Lake Message Forums Surrounded by Alberta's wide-open spaces and endless Canadian skies, Gull Lake is located in Alberta's Central tourism region. Well situated between Edmonton and Calgary in south-central Alberta, Gull Lake attracts a growing number of seasonal residents. Gull Lake's 19,917-acre surface area lies across ...
Otter Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,700 Otter Lake Message Forums Fed by Canadian Cascade Mountain runoff and clear spring water, Otter Lake is a popular summer-time retreat located in southern British Columbia's Regional District Okanagan-Simikameen. Otter Lake Provincial Park is found at the northern end of Otter Lake with the historic mining community of Tulameen ...
Pavilion Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,699 Pavilion Lake Pictures Pavilion Lake Message Forums Something's going on at Pavilion Lake in British Columbia's Cariboo region . . .something besides the trout fishing, the camping, hiking, canoeing and scuba diving. Pavilion Lake is the home base of a joint space exploration research project between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. For over seven ...
Horsefly Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,574 Horsefly Lake Message Forums Horsefly Lake is a 34-mile long lake winding gently through the Cariboo Regional District in south central British Columbia. Located approximately one hour northeast of the community of Williams Lake, Horsefly Lake shares its shore with Horsefly Lake Provincial Park, Crown Land wilderness area, and ...
Lake Koocanusa
(British Columbia, Canada / Montana, USA)
2,459 Lake Koocanusa Pictures Also known as: Koocanusa Lake, Koocanusa Reservoir
In the far north of the United States, tucked into the northwestern end of Montana, is the long, narrow Lake Koocanusa. This lake is actually a man-made reservoir, created by the damming of the Kootenai (or, alternatively, Kootenay) River in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The dam that was built ...
Burns Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,299 Burns Lake Pictures Burns Lake Message Forums Surrounded by over 300 fishing lakes in the heart of the Lakes District, he feels like a kid in a candy store. Some of the lakes, like a few of those in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, are only accessible by floatplane. Burns Lake, where he is staying, is very accessible -- Highway 16 runs right along the ...
Lost Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,263 Lost Lake Pictures Lost Lake Message Forums Surrounded by lush evergreen forests and spectacular mountain views, Lost Lake is a secluded lake near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada which is an internationally known top ski resort area. Until 1877, the area around Lost Lake was occupied for centuries by the Coast Salish First Nations. In ...
Lake Metigoshe
(Manitoba, Canada / North Dakota, USA)
2,142 Lake Metigoshe Pictures Lake Metigoshe Message Forums One of the best spots for water recreation in North Dakota's North Central region is Lake Metigoshe. Often called the 'Jewel of the Turtle Mountains', the 1500-acre lake extends into Manitoba, Canada with the top portion home to many Canadian lakelubbers. Lake Metigoshe is a natural lake, created by ...
Alta Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
2,085 Alta Lake Pictures Alta Lake Message Forums Also known as: Summit Lake
Surrounded by one of North America's top ski resorts, Alta Lake is located in the community of Whistler, British Columbia. Reflected on the glistening surface of Alta Lake are Whistler and the Blackcomb Mountains, part of the Pacific Range in the Coast Mountains. With Vancouver only 75 miles to the ...
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