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Here are the 39 lakes we have listed within Canada - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Caniapiscau Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
1984 Caniapiscau Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Lake Caniapiscau
"The money is not as useful as the land was before we lost it." -Chisasibi Cree Native About 9,000 years ago, the glaciers receded on the Laurentian Plateau of the Canadian Shield, leaving pockets of lakes in their wake. The rivers were fast and ran with snowmelt, and lakes covered the landscape. ...
Alouette Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1983 Alouette Lake Pictures Alouette Lake Message Forums Also known as: Alouette Reservoir, Lillooet Lake (historic)
Only an hour away from big-city Vancouver, Alouette Lake provides a wilderness experience and a mountain view of beautiful Golden Ears Provincial Park. Originally named Lillooet Lake, the reservoir was renamed Alouette Lake to distinguish it from another Lillooet Lake in British Columbia. The original ...
Lesser Slave Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
1983 Located 236 miles northwest of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, Lesser Slave Lake's more than 280,000 surface acres present a wonderful scenic recreational jewel for the Province. The lake is one of a few accessible by auto, surrounded by forests. (Canada's Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories ...
Lake Winnipeg
(Manitoba, Canada)
1979 Lake Winnipeg Pictures Lake Winnipeg is a long (271 miles) somewhat shallow outdoor enthusiast's dream. It's located some 35 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is a natural favorite for Canadian residents as well as visitors. Lake Winnipeg's beautiful beaches, provincial parks and uncluttered waters afford a wealth of ...
Quarry Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
1976 Quarry Lake Message Forums Quarry Lake is 129-acre lake located one hour west of Calgary and five minutes from the town of Canmore and Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. As the name indicates, Quarry Lake began life as a quarry that was eventually lined with clay and allowed to fill. Today, Quarry Lake is a favorite recreational ...
Lake Koocanusa
(British Columbia, Canada / Montana, USA)
1973 Lake Koocanusa Pictures Also known as: Koocanusa Lake, Koocanusa Reservoir
In the far north of the United States, tucked into the northwestern end of Montana, is the long, narrow Lake Koocanusa. This lake is actually a man-made reservoir, created by the damming of the Kootenai (or, alternatively, Kootenay) River in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The dam that was built ...
Abraham Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
1972 Abraham Lake Pictures Abraham Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Abraham
Abraham Lake is Alberta's largest reservoir, gracing the Kootenay Plains area of the Canadian Rockies' front range. The reservoir, created by damming the North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, stores spring run-off for later use in hydroelectric generation. Because the rapidly-changing lake levels ...
Smallwood Reservoir
(Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
1971 Smallwood Reservoir Message Forums Wild, diverse and always impressive, Smallwood Reservoir is not a place to be taken lightly. Smallwood Reservoir is not a place for leisurely lakeside strolls and gourmet candlelight dinners. The area is best described in the provincial tourism brochure, where it says this is a land for the traveler ...
Manicouagan Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
1968 Manicouagan Reservoir Pictures Manicouagan Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Lake Manicouagan, Lac Manicouagan, Lac Mouchalagane
Manicouagan Reservoir is one of the world's most interesting geological features. This huge annular (circular) lake was shaped by a number of factors, earliest of which was an asteroid strike an estimated 211 million years ago which created an impact crater over 60 miles across. In more recent history, ...
Lake Diefenbaker
(Saskatchewan, Canada)
1967 Lake Diefenbaker Pictures Lake Diefenbaker Message Forums Also known as: Diefenbaker Lake
Lake Diefenbaker, the largest reservoir in southern Saskatchewan, is developing a reputation as a favorite vacationland for visitors from all over Canada and the United States. The 106,000-acre lake provides plenty of room for all types of boating, sailing and fishing. Prevailing breezes along the 140-mile ...
Pipmuacan Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
1956 Pipmuacan Reservoir Pictures Pipmuacan Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Reservoir Pipmuacan
Far to the north in Quebec's vast evergreen forests, Pipmuacan Reservoir performs unseen yet vital service to the customers of Hydro-Quebec. About 90% of the province's electrical power is generated by hydroelectric, necessitating a way to store and control the large amount of water rushing from the ...
Capilano Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1954 Capilano Lake Pictures Capilano Lake Message Forums Also known as: Capilano Reservoir
One of the most beautiful lakes in British Columbia is uninhabited Capilano Lake. The reservoir was created when Cleveland Dam was built across the Capilano River in 1954 just outside North Vancouver. The lake provides about 40% of the North Vancouver area's drinking water, so the lake and the immediate ...
Sakinaw Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1952 Sakinaw Lake Pictures Sakinaw Lake Message Forums Located two hours northwest of Vancouver, Sakinaw Lake is a 1,695-acre lake located on the Sechelt Peninsula of the Sunshine Coast, between Pender Harbour and Earl's Cove in British Columbia, Canada. If you enjoy being on the water, you'll love boating, waterskiing, or just plain swimming in the pristine, ...
Ross Lake
(British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA)
1949 Ross Lake Pictures Ross Lake Message Forums Also known as: Ross Reservoir
Spectacular Ross Lake is one of the seldom seen gems in north-central Washington. This fantastic 22-mile long reservoir covers 11,680 acres along the flooded Skagit River Valley. Nestled between high sloping banks and against a backdrop of what are often called the Washington Alps, those who visit here ...
Lake Minnewanka
(Alberta, Canada)
1941 Lake Minnewanka Pictures Lake Minnewanka Message Forums Also known as: Minnewanka Lake
Lake Minnewanka holds the distinction of being the largest lake in Banff National Park. The 17-mile-long lake lies between scenic mountain ranges and supports a wealth of wildlife along its shores. Only three miles north of the Town of Banff, this spectacular lake provides rustic recreation to a large ...
Lake St. Joseph
(Ontario, Canada)
1936 Lake St. Joseph Message Forums Lake St. Joseph in northwestern Ontario is the kind of lake a fisherman's dreams are made of. Famous all over North America as a prime fishery for northern pike and walleye, the large lake has a limited number of permits for visiting anglers. Fishermen who have fished the lake are amazed to find they've ...
Lac Seul
(Ontario, Canada)
1935 Lac Seul Pictures Lac Seul Message Forums Also known as: Lake Seul
The second-largest lake entirely within Ontario, Lac Seul has somehow escaped the notice of the casual vacationer looking for a northwoods getaway. That hardly means, however, that no one visits Lac Seul. Well over a dozen tourist camps, fishing lodges and outfitters do a booming business providing ...
Kootenay Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1932 Kootenay Lake Pictures Kootenay Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Kootenay
Kootenay Lake's deep, clear waters stretch over 60 miles and 96,000 acres, reflecting the icy peaks of Kokanee Glacier. The lake is beautiful, ringed with the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges. The lake is home to the Gerrard Rainbow Trout, the world's largest trout, known for their size and ability ...
Lac des Chats
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada)
1932 Lac des Chats Pictures Lac des Chats Message Forums Also known as: Chats Lake
Lac des Chats is more than a 'wide spot' on the Ottawa River. Champlain and other explorers remarked on the abundance of catfish along the waterway, so the lake became known as Lac des Chats, or Lake of the Cats. The lake was located above Chats Falls, and for many years the falls drew visitors to view ...
Lake Osoyoos
(British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA)
1927 Lake Osoyoos Pictures Lake Osoyoos Message Forums Also known as: Osoyoos Lake
Lake Osoyoos spans more than 5,700 acres and straddles the border of British Columbia, Canada and Washington state in the United States. The Okanagan River flows into Lake Osoyoos in a semi-arid region of British Columbia known as Desert Wine Country. This region has very low annual rainfall and some ...
Round Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1925 Round Lake Pictures Round Lake Message Forums Round Lake is a spectacular 7,596-acre lake located in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. Renfrew County is part of the Ottawa Valley which was carved by glaciers some 600 million years ago. Today, Renfrew County sits in the midst of stunning wilderness and gorgeous landscapes. Two provincial parks on ...
Grand Lake
(Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
1923 Grand Lake Pictures Grand Lake Message Forums Grand Lake is one of those often-overlooked gems that has much to offer. Located in the province of Newfoundland, Grand Lake is a natural lake dammed for hydroelectric power early in the last century. The expanded lake now covers about 132,000 acres along the Humber River. Set amid the craggy heights ...
Gull Lake
(Alberta, Canada)
1921 Gull Lake Pictures Gull Lake Message Forums Surrounded by Alberta's wide-open spaces and endless Canadian skies, Gull Lake is located in Alberta's Central tourism region. Well situated between Edmonton and Calgary in south-central Alberta, Gull Lake attracts a growing number of seasonal residents. Gull Lake's 19,917-acre surface area lies across ...
Okanagan Lake
(British Columbia, Canada)
1920 Okanagan Lake Pictures Okanagan Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Okanagan
Okanagan Lake, located in British Columbia's Napa of the North Country, is a vacationer's paradise. Its sheer size and convenient location make this well-developed area the perfect destination for any activity you can imagine. Visitors can enjoy an active day on the water fishing, boating, parasailing, ...
Calabogie Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1917 Calabogie Lake Pictures Calabogie Lake Message Forums About 10,000 years ago a glacier retreated across what would become Ontario, leaving over a quarter of a million lakes in its wake. The ice-scour lakes are too numerous to count, and with so many, it might seem hard for any single lake to stand out. Calabogie Lake in Renfrew County, however, more than ...
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