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Canadarago Lake, New York, USA

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Map: Canadarago Lake, New York, USA

Reported as one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in New York by the Department of Environmental Conservation, Canadarago Lake located in central New York, offers year round excitement and entertainment on the water and surrounding area. Six miles long and a mile wide in some places, Canadarago Lake offers fishing, swimming, sailing, and boating during warm weather and ice fishing, cross country skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling, snow tubing, during the cold winter months. There are many opportunities for sponsored races (boating and snowmobiling) during both seasons as well as year round fishing contests and holiday boat parades.

Canadarago Lake has one island that has been a favorite destination for daytime excursions for over a hundred years as documented by the many names and dates carved into the trees on the island. A second island located to the west of the first island disappeared by suddenly sinking into Canadarago Lake over one hundred years ago. The sinking island is explained by Indian folklore that tells of a great Indian prophet who was famous for healing all the Iroquois who came to him. He would paddle his canoe across the lake at midnight to the mysterious island to retrieve his magical cures and water from special fountains found on the island. As his popularity grew, so did his pride. He began to call himself the twin brother of the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit in a fit of anger thrust the magical island along with the proud prophet to the bottom of the lake. It is said that even today the tops of large trees can still be seen, standing erect, far down in the transparent waters.

Canadarago Lake offers many habitats ranging from rocky shoals, weedy flats, and large lily pads to provide a home for a wide variety of fish. Species of fish in Canadarago Lake include walleyes, brown trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pickerel, tiger musky and yellow perch. The average largemouth bass is approximately 2.5 pounds while the average walleye is approximately 17.5 inches long. Canadarago Lake has a public boat launch on the west side operated by New York State, and the Village of Richfield Springs operates a public boat launch and public beach at Baker's Beach, also on the west side of Canadarago Lake.

The towns of Richfield, Exeter and Otsego have shores along Canadarago Lake, as does the Village of Richfield Springs. About 600 homes and camps grace the shores of Canadarago Lake, with the surrounding lands being mostly crop lands and pastures, as well as forested hills. Canadarago Lake is located 15 minutes from Cooperstown which offers such tourist attractions and entertainment options as the Baseball Hall of Fame, Glimmerglass Opera, "Field of Dreams" Baseball facilities, Farmer's Museum, Fenimore House, and the Otesaga Hotel.

Whether you come to visit for the summer activities, winter festivities, or to enjoy the scenic and colorful fall foliage, Canadarago Lake is sure to please any visitor. Make your plans to visit today.

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Canadarago Lake


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