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Candlewood Lake, Ohio, USA

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Candlewood Lake is a small, cozy, 1500-acre, private lake resort community situated in Morrow County, central Ohio. Though it is just an hour from the capital city of Columbus, the lake community itself is surrounded by rural land.

The lake was the project of a private developer who began construction in 1971. Running short of funds, he ceded development and construction to a committee of landowners who purchased the land and finished the lake. The community blossomed around the lake, and today there are over 500 homes on 3,000 lots overseen by Candlewood Lake Associates.

Covering 250 acres, the lake provides ample recreation for Candlewood residents, including boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming, and wildlife viewing. There are two boat launches. If you have lakefront property, you may build your own dock; otherwise rental docks are available. Candlewood Lake has a maximum depth of 44 feet closest to the dam. Jet skis are not permitted. Fish in the lake include bass, crappie, catfish, perch, carp, bluegill, stripers and walleyes. There are hybrid stripers stocked in the lake that do not reproduce. The association requests that these hybrids be released if caught. There are numerous events on Candlewood Lake and in the community. Fishing tournaments, boating events such as Breakfast-on-the-Boat, and water aerobics are intriguing water activities. Garage sales, holiday events, July 4th fireworks, dances, special dinners, a water ski club, and Girl and Boy Scout groups all contribute to community morale. A community vegetable garden encourages a collective respect and active care for the environment.

Candlewood Lake residents and vacationers enjoy a series of amenities. The 1500-acre grounds have a beach, swimming pool, children's playground and hiking trails. Additionally, there are facilities for tennis, biking, basketball and volleyball. Twenty-five acres of park offer quiet retreats in nature. There is a beautifully constructed Main Lodge with a library inside and a community center.

Morrow County is a repository of early American history. The mark of the Native American people, the coming of the early European settlers and pioneers, the records of war, the rise of towns and the famous Underground Railroad, are all fascinating historical details of the county. Check the Ohio Historical Society for sites to visit in the immediate and surrounding area. The village of Mount Gilead is located just south of Candlewood Lake. Mt. Gilead State Park offers more fishing, hiking, boating, picnicking and camping opportunities. Enjoy the wildflowers springing from the wooded grounds and listen to the songs of local birds. You might see skunk, raccoons or white-tailed deer. There is also a golf course in the village and the annual "World's Largest Gourd Show" in October attracts 10,000 visitors every year.

Real estate options at Candlewood Lake vary. There are wooded lots, lakefront lots, and cleared lots. There are also lots for mobile homes, RV areas and camping units. Build a home, or purchase one. Candlewood Lake welcomes vacationers if your stay is a short one - but be sure to stay long enough to fully appreciate the very special qualities of this lake community.

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