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Cedar Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Cedar Lake, Minnesota, USA

Visitors never tire of exploring Cedar Lake, Minnesota with its many twists, turns, bays, and coves. Cedar Lake is a spring- and small stream-fed lake with a 1,745-acre surface area, located in Aitkin County and a small portion of the adjacent Crow Wing County. This area of Minnesota is rich in lake and wetland habitat, making it simple to set out across this lesser-known lake to find a bit of peace and tranquility.

Set in Minnesota's central tourism region, Cedar Lake is set between the two small towns of Aitkin and Deerwood. The body of water is comprised of seven basins, varying greatly in size, depth and water clarity. The maximum depth within Cedar Lake is 105 feet, though it averages 28 feet. The 26-mile shoreline at Cedar Lake is mostly undeveloped, allowing newcomers their prime choice in real estate opportunities. Pick out a piece of peninsula or simply stay in one of the many lakeside vacation rentals to get a feel for the area. Park your boat along the dock and watch the sun set through the windows of your cabin, the smell of the day's fresh catch sizzling on the stovetop.

Anglers attempting to fish Cedar Lake will be happily surprised at the water's bounty, which is chock full of varying fish species which are increasing in number nearly every year. Walleye and muskellunge are stocked annually, with average lengths reaching 19 inches and 40 inches, respectively. Northern pike, largemouth bass and black crappie are also in good numbers within the lake.

But fishing isn't the only popular water activity on Cedar Lake. Warm days find boats entering the numerous public boat launches around the lake, later seen racing across the water. Daredevil wakeboarders and waterskiers attempt new tricks behind these watercrafts, zipping by slower-moving boats full of those looking to simply enjoy a day out on the lake. For an even slower, quieter excursion, rent a kayak or canoe and paddle into the lake's many coves, where you may spot a loon's nest or turtles sunning themselves on a fallen log. To complete the lake's year round appeal, the area offers a variety of winter sports and activities to keep the blood flowing during Minnesota's colder months. Anglers are able to get in some ice fishing while other outdoor enthusiasts have snowshoeing and cross country skiing trails in the area. Snowmobiling is another popular activity.

To the east of Cedar Lake rests a former mining operation-turned-recreation area, where clear lakes and dense forests house a variety of wildlife. The Cuyuna Country Recreation Area has 5,000 acres of mostly undeveloped forest, allowing visitors the ability to camp beneath the open skies or spend a day hiking underneath the sun-dappled canopies. Those seeking to snag a view of local wildlife must tread quietly to see a few shy species, including the red fox, coyote, mink, beaver, snowshoe hare and white-tailed deer. Birders come for the plethora of avian species, which range from water birds such as the blue heron, northern shoveler and king fishers to the red-tailed hawk and ruffed grouse.

For a bit of social life, check into the city of Aitkin to the east of Cedar Lake, or the city of Deerwood to the west. Both are quiet and quaint, though each offers a chance to mingle with locals and the opportunity to peek your head into a few shops and restaurants. Cedar Lake has most everything other larger lakes have to offer, but still with the novelty of a lake that has been newly discovered. Come discover it yourself today.

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