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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Waldo Lake
(Oregon, USA)
420 Waldo Lake Pictures Waldo Lake is the second deepest natural lake in Oregon, sporting an impressive 420-feet deep pool of beautiful clear water with visibility exceeding 100 feet. Located on the western slopes of the Oregon Cascades, Waldo Lake's 6,300 acres are nestled against the Waldo Lake Wilderness Area between the ...
Odell Lake
(Oregon, USA)
282 Odell Lake Pictures Six miles long and one and a half miles wide, Odell Lake sits under the scenic shadow of Diamond Peak in the Deschutes National Forest, offering wonderful outdoor recreation and fantastic fishing. Both summer and winter outdoor diversions can be enjoyed by visitors. Odell Lake is more than 280 feet ...
Crescent Lake
(Oregon, USA)
265 Crescent Lake Pictures Crescent Lake, aptly named for its shape, lies on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, in the northwest corner of Klamath County, Oregon. With 4,008 acres of sparkling blue water, and over 12 miles of wooded shoreline and sandy beaches, the lake offers visitors plenty of opportunity for outdoor ...
Paulina Lake
(Oregon, USA)
250 Paulina Lake Pictures Paulina Lake Message Forums Set in the high desert country of central Oregon, Paulina Lake is one of two sparkling lakes resting in the caldera of Newberry Crater. Part of Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Paulina Lake is located in Deschutes National Forest and the Central Oregon Tourism Region. Within a 35-mile drive southeast ...
East Lake
(Oregon, USA)
180 East Lake Pictures East Lake Message Forums East Lake is one of two lakes that sit in the caldera of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument within the Deschutes National Forest in central Oregon. Covering 1,050 acres, this snowmelt and spring-fed lake is an excellent trout lake and a popular spot for camping and picnics. East Lake shares ...
Prineville Reservoir
(Oregon, USA)
130 Prineville Reservoir Pictures The 3,030-acre Prineville Reservoir is one of Central Oregon's prolific fishing and outdoor recreation water bodies. The lake's well-developed public recreation areas provide many opportunities for a fine mix of water-related outdoor activities. Boating, camping, fishing, birding, hunting and wildlife ...
Suttle Lake
(Oregon, USA)
75 Suttle Lake Pictures Suttle Lake Message Forums Suttle Lake: rustic national forest lake or luxury resort? It's both! Suttle Lake has been under federal control since 1898 when it was included in the Cascades Range Forest Reserve, which became the Cascades National Forest and finally the Deschutes National Forest. Early in its history, the US Forest ...
Wickiup Reservoir
(Oregon, USA)
70 Wickiup Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Wickiup Lake
Wickiup Reservoir is an 11,000 acre angler's paradise. Camping areas are plentiful, and boat launching ramps are located at most. The reservoir gets its name from the Native American word for dwelling or shelter, synonymous with wigwam. Native Americans constructed shelters from poles, tree limbs and ...
Green Lakes
(Oregon, USA)
45 Green Lakes Pictures Green Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Green Lake, Middle Green Lake, Lower Green Lake
One of Central Oregon's most popular hiking destinations is Green Lakes Trail. This popular hike offers views of both South Sister Mountain and Broken Top Mountain that tower over three small pristine alpine lakes in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Because the trailhead is only 27 miles from the City ...
Cascade Lakes
(Oregon, USA)
20 Cascade Lakes Pictures Cascade Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Todd Lake, Sparks Lake, Davis Lake, Elk Lake, Devils Lake, JHosmer Lake, Lava Lake, Little Lava Lake, Custus Lake, Little Custus Lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir, North Twin Lake, South Twin Lake, Wickiup Reservoir, Crescent Lake
Whether it be a scenic day trip along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, a leisurely day hike, or a rugged back country camping trek, the Cascade Lakes of Central Oregon have something for everyone. The 66 miles of highway beginning in Bend, Oregon provide only a glimpse of the nearly 100 lakes scattered ...
Matthieu Lakes
(Oregon, USA)
14 Matthieu Lakes Pictures Matthieu Lakes Message Forums Also known as: North Matthieu Lake, South Matthieu Lake
The Matthieu Lakes Trail is one of Oregon's most scenic day hikes. Located in the Three Sisters Wilderness, North Matthieu Lake and South Matthieu Lake have been delighting hikers seeking splendid scenery for many years. The Three Sisters refer to three volcanic peaks in the Cascades: North Sister, ...


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