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Clearwater Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Clearwater Lake, Minnesota, USA

Just north of Minnesota's small city of Annandale is Clearwater Lake, a popular residential lake in an area with abundant bodies of water. Visitors and residents have 3,158 watery acres to explore by boat, canoe, or kayak.

Clearwater Lake is made up of two basins, the east basin and the west basin. The majority of the lake's surface area rests within Wright County, though it also shares a portion of Stearn County. Clearwater Lake's two basins span across Minnesota's Metro and Central tourism regions. The lake is a part of the Lower Clearwater Chain of Lakes as well as the Clearwater River Watershed District. The Clearwater River runs through the upper chain of these lakes, then through the lower chain, flowing northeast through Clearwater Lake and eventually ending up in the Mississippi River.

Directly to the south of Clearwater Lake is the small city of Annandale. The area boasts a strong downtown scene where small shops and restaurants line the streets, set in a spot with 26 lakes surrounding the city within a 10-mile radius. A 40-minute drive to the north reveals the metropolitan city of St. Cloud. Get your fix in this larger city, made up of a thriving artistic and outdoor community. The city offers two large and fantastically-styled gardens for the public to enjoy, ripe with roses, rock gardens and lily ponds. A pair of peacocks revisits the gardens each spring.

Residential development lines about 80% of Clearwater Lake's shoreline, so vacation rentals and real estate opportunities are available to those looking for short-term or long-term stays. Park your boat at a private dock and spend the evening dangling your feet into the water as the sun sets. Spend the better part of a sunny day on the water, where tubing, wakeboarding or waterskiing are all a part of relaxing program.

Clearwater Lake has a maximum depth of 73 feet, with abundant aquatic life lining the lake floor. There are an equally abundant number of fish species as well. Fishing tournaments are held on the lake every year, with anglers finding a healthy population of largemouth bass. Northern pike, walleye, bluegill and black crappie are also caught throughout the year. Summer isn't the only time for fishing this bountiful lake -- make a trip during the winter to take part in the area's ice fishing, too.

Clearwater Lake can be as fast- or slow-paced as any visitor desires. Make friends with the neighbors at your lakeside cabin and grill dinner while overlooking the sparkling lake. Pack a lunch and explore the shoreline in a canoe or kayak, waving to those napping or playing on a sandy strip of the beach. Some are content with a day full of fishing, while others care to explore a little night life to the north. Clearwater Lake is a flexible spot to spend a weekend, a week, or a lifetime for visitors who decide to make the lake their permanent home.

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Clearwater Lake


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