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Colby Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Colby Lake, Minnesota, USA

Situated just southeast of Minnesota's illustrious Twin Cities, the cozy Colby Lake is comprised of 67 acres in Washington County. It features an average depth of seven feet, a shoreline length of three miles, and maximum depth of 11 feet. Varied recreational opportunities and an incredibly picturesque setting attract outdoorsy visitors from far and wide.

Experienced anglers agree that fishing at Colby Lake is quite superb. As northern pike and yellow perch were stocked by the Fishing in the Neighborhood Program in 2008, it is not surprising that they are the two most predominant species in these waters; however, black crappie, bluegill, panfish and bullhead are also present. Colby lake is considered hypereurotrophic, meaning that it is incredibly rich in nutrients - a quality that can result in summer algae blooms and reduced oxygen levels in the lake. Fishing enthusiasts can also try their luck at Powers Lake, a few miles to the northeast.

Colby Lake Park - maintained by the City of Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department - features a number of convenient facilities open to the public, including basketball and tennis courts, a walking path, restrooms, picnic areas and playgrounds. Myriad vacation rentals and real estate properties are available for those looking to relocate or take a holiday along Colby Lake's sparkling blue waters.

For sports lovers, a gargantuan golf course is just a stone's throw away from Colby Lake. Play a few rounds of golf, catch a fish for dinner, and take an evening stroll along an interpretive trail - all in time for dinner.

Afton State Park can be found southeast of Colby Lake, just near the Wisconsin border. This area seems to have been created specifically for recreational activities like swimming, backpacking and cross country skiing. Pop into the visitor center to rent snowshoes for a nominal fee, or check out a GPS unit - free of charge. Hawks, waterfowl, deer, fox and badger are easy photography fodder in Afton State Park's wilderness. At least 148,909 people visit the 1695-acre preserve annually.

Just over the Wisconsin border, Kinnickinnic State Park is a fantastic day trip from Colby Lake. The tranquil ambiance of the Kinnickinnic River Valley combined with the gushing St. Croix National Scenic River creates a multitude of opportunities for rest and relaxation. Wildlife watching is spectacular here, where animals like deer, painted turtles and minks thrive in 1,242 acres of protected lands. Bird watching yields chances to observe over 140 avian species native to these territories.

East of Colby Lake, the enormously beautiful St. Croix National Scenic River runs along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, and is composed of seven hiking trails maintained by the National Park Service. Hunting is permitted along these trails, although bicycling and ATV riding are not. One of the easier paths is the Indianhead Flowage Trail, an easy 3/4-mile long stretch that is known for its wildflowers and summer raspberries. Hikers will find the Ridge View Trail to be moderate in intensity, and a great place to spot scarlet tanagers, turkeys, eagles, and grouse.

Also situated close to Colby Lake is the RJD Memorial Hardwood State Forest, named after former Commissioner of Conservation Richard J. Dorer. The park is known for its canoeing and kayaking channels, particularly the Cannon River, Whitewater River, Root River, Zumbro River, State Canoe and Vermillion River State Canoe Routes. Attractions include a day use area, five recreational areas, and eight campgrounds.

Colby Lake is located within city limits of Woodbury, Minnesota, a well-known suburb of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul). Vacation rentals and real estate are available for temporary or permanent stays in this prosperous municipality. With over 100 miles of trails, 3,000 acres of protected lands and close proximity to one of the busiest urban hubs in the country, there is truly something for everyone at Colby Lake.

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Colby Lake


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