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Here are the 3 lakes we have listed within Costa Rica - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

Note: For some lakes, "Highest Altitude/Elevation" is unknown or does not apply, so this comparison may show fewer lakes than you originally selected. Suggest a new lake.

Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Lagos Chirripo
(Cartago, Costa Rica / Limon, Costa Rica / San Jose, Costa Rica)
11,549 Lagos Chirripo Pictures Lagos Chirripo Message Forums Also known as: Laguna Grande de Chlrripo, Lago San Juan
Seldom seen except by dedicated high-altitude hikers, the Lagos Chirripo or Chirripo Lakes are the highest in Central America. Located just below the summit of Cerro Chirripo, the series of lakes occupy a small valley high above the well-known cloud forest in Costa Rica. From the summit, hikers are ...
Angostura Lagoon
(Cartago, Costa Rica)
1,893 Angostura Lagoon Message Forums Also known as: Laguna Angostura, Lake Angostura, Angostura Hydroelectric Project Lagoon
Nestled near in the peaceful town of Turrialba in Costa Rica's Central Valley, Cartago Province, Angostura Lagoon constitutes the newest and largest hydroelectric plant in the country. Hydroelectricity, which does not emit greenhouse gas byproducts, is vital to the fulfillment of Costa Rica's goal to ...
Lake Arenal
(Alajuela, Costa Rica / Guanacaste, Costa Rica)
1,785 Lake Arenal Pictures Lake Arenal Message Forums Also known as: Lago Arenal, Laguna de Arenal
Lake Arenal, flanked by lush rainforest and the magnificent Arenal Volcano, is a world-class destination lake. Known for its feisty rainbow bass and incredible winds, the lake is a favorite among anglers, windsurfers and sailboarders. Nearby La Fortuna, known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica, ...


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