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Crystal Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Map: Crystal Lake, New Hampshire, USA

Crystal Lake, in the town of Enfield in Grafton County, New Hampshire, showcases New England's scenic beauty with its clean clear water and picturesque shoreline. Located in a quiet rural area with breathtaking mountain views, it is no wonder that many lake front homes are built here.

For those who own real estate on Crystal Lake, it is year round paradise that offers so much fun and excitement that some may never want to take a vacation. Swimming, boating, kayaking, and nature watching can be enjoyed right out your own back door. Fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white perch, yellow perch, rock bass, pickerel and rainbow trout keep anglers busy watching their lines. During the summer, water levels are kept at full pond to allow visitors to enjoy every ounce of enjoyment that the lake provides. After Columbus Day, the lake is lowered 4 feet to reduce property damage from the winter's ice and to reduce spring flooding. However, ice fishing presents a winter challenge to eager fishermen. With the thawing of the ice, approximately mid-April and with the return of spring temperatures, the lake is allowed to refill to full pond.

In the town of Enfield, supplies can be purchased for your stay at Crystal Lake. Best known as the home of the Enfield Shaker Museum which is listed on National Register of Historic Places, this community was once home to the Shaker religious community that lived here in the mid-1800s. Located on the path of the Northern Rail Trail which is an abandoned railway that is now used as a trail for hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and dog sledding, travelers often stop in Enfield for the night along the trail. Vacation rentals here include bed and breakfast inns, guest houses, vacation rentals, and motels.

Crystal Lake's natural beauty is not unique in Grafton County which boasts inland waterways and rich farmland. The second largest county in New Hampshire, Grafton County is 90 percent timberland claiming half of the White Mountain National Forest, Franconia-Notch State Park and Mount Cardigan State Park all within its county boundaries. At the White Mountain National Forest, camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing, and canoeing are available throughout the forest where visitors will also find over 1,200 miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hunting, and wildlife watching. Containing part of the Appalachian Trail, Franconia Notch State Park was made famous by authors Nathaniel Hawthorne and Daniel Webster for their works of the Old Man of the Mountain which was located in the park until the rocks that made up the Old Man's profile crumbled on May 3, 2003. Mount Cardigan State Park covers 5,655 acres and is best known for its namesake 3,121 foot treeless granite summit,Mount Cardigan, that offers a view of Vermont and Maine from its peak. In addition to all of this serene natural beauty, Grafton County can boast that it is also home to a world famous Ivy League Institute of higher learning, Dartmouth College.

With so many year round recreational opportunities, untouched natural beauty, and abundant wildlife, it is no secret that the area is a prime vacation getaway. For some of your own back to nature time, start planning your trip soon.

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Crystal Lake


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