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Curlew Lake, Washington, USA

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Map: Curlew Lake, Washington, USA

Nestled in a valley with breathtaking views of Colville National Forest, Ferry National Forest and mountain ranges, Curlew Lake is located 4.8 miles northeast of Republic, Washington. This natural lake's water level fluctuations are stabilized by a three foot dam built in 1926 and maintained by Ferry County. Curlew Lake is named for a species of wading birds, curlews, which frequent the area.

In addition to the curlews, Lake Curlew provides a home to many varieties of birds and is a rest stop and feeding area for migrating birds and waterfowl on the Pacific flyby route. Ducks and geese nest and raise their families along the shoreline and water of Lake Curlew. During the summer, even novice bird watchers will be thrilled to watch bald eagles, hawks, and falcons flying overhead in their hunting pursuits.

Curlew Lake provides visitors with year round recreational opportunities. On the crystal waters of Curlew Lake, swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing are all available at many locations along the 16 mile shoreline during the warmer months. Anglers enjoy catches of rainbow trout (spring and early summer), largemouth bass (summer and fall), and tiger muskies (36 inches or longer). Curlew Lake also offers winter recreational options with groomed snowmobile routes around the lake and into the National Forests. With snow from November through February, cross country skiing will allow you to move through the pine scented natural beauty of the scenic trails with gentle to moderate slopes.

Curlew Lake State Park boasts that is one of the most relaxing campgrounds in Washington with 57 tent sites and 18 full hookups with many overlooking the calm water of Curlew Lake. Open from March 28 (weather permitting) to October 29, Curlew Lake State Park also offers two fee-free boat ramps. There are other campgrounds around the lake that offer year round camping and cabin rentals for those who want to enjoy the winter elements at Curlew Lake.

Lake front homes and communities also dot the shoreline of Curlew Lake and offer private boat ramps and beaches to their residents. Residents can enjoy colorful sunsets over the water with the mountainous background and peaceful forests through all the seasons.

With four distinct seasons, abundant wildlife, and plenty of water access, Curlew Lake is sure to please any lake lover.

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