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Deer Lake, Washington, USA

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Map: Deer Lake, Washington, USA

Deer Lake, located in Stevens County, Washington, is a spring-fed and snow-fed lake with approximately a 1,150-acre surface in the Colville River watershed. The crystal clear water of Deer Lake reflects the beautiful mountain peaks and lush forests that are abundant in the area.

With the thick evergreen forest and water supply of Deer Lake creating bountiful habitats for the area, abundant wildlife can be seen from any vantage point around the lake. Moose, black bear, elk, mountain lion and deer frequent the area along with smaller game such as mink, bobcat, and coyotes. Bird watchers will be kept busy enjoying the many species of birds that call the area home. Don't be surprised to see a hawk, falcon, osprey, or endangered bald eagle scanning the shoreline for an easy prey. Deer Lake is located in the Pacific flyby area where thousands of migratory birds and waterfowl stop to rest and feed along their annual journey.

Deer Lake's climate paints the scenery as the area experiences four distinct season changes. With an average low of 25 degrees in January, Deer Lake freezes presenting a glacial view of the area. As spring arrives, it is an annual guessing game of the date of annual thawing of Deer Lake. July boasts an average high of 62 degrees, but the area does get above 90 degrees approximately 26 days of the year allowing for warmer water and multiple recreational opportunities of swimming, boating, sailing, kayaking, and skiing. As fall approaches, the forests begin their own colorful show as deciduous trees are mingled with the evergreens.

The Deer Lake fishing season runs from March 1-October 31, offering a wide variety of fish including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, perch, rainbow trout, and a few kokanee. Deer Lake has many inlets, and with a maximum depth of 75 feet the underwater bottoms and shorelines will keep the fishing exciting.

Deer Lake is primarily a residential area as there is only one privately owned campground around the lake that is open to the public. Also, the Salvation Army and Church of Nazarene run two summer camps for children located at Deer Lake. There is only one public access boat and fishing area located around the nine-mile shoreline. The rest of the scenic shoreline is for Deer Lake residents who have private waterfront properties or live in waterfront communities which have their own private beaches, parks, boat ramps and docks.

The main road to Deer Lake is off the busy highway, so noisy traffic does not disturb the tranquil setting. The peaceful Deer Lake community has walking and jogging trails around the lake and forests that double as snowshoe and cross country skiing trails in the winter. With the mountainous terrain and forested areas, there are many secluded waterfront homes that appear to have Deer Lake all to themselves.

If you are looking for a tranquil, picturesque destination where outdoor recreation is at your doorstep, then Deer Lake is waiting for you.

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