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Dewart Lake, Indiana, USA

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Map: Dewart Lake, Indiana, USA

Dewart Lake is a natural lake in northern Indiana's Kosciusko County that was created during the last ice age. This body of water spans 551 acres with an average depth of 16 feet and a maximum depth of 82 feet. Its normal elevation is 868 feet above sea level. Two inlets to the east feed Dewart Lake; its outlet to the west at Hammond Ditch leads into Waubee Lake. The lake's dam at the outlet was upgraded by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in 2005; however, the lake is mostly maintained by the Dewart Lake Protective Association, which conducts water testing, occasional fish stocking, and fund raising for special projects.

Facilities at Dewart Lake include a public boat ramp to the northwest. Water skiing, fishing and boating are the primary lake recreational activities. Canoeing and kayaking to the lake's central island is a great way to spend an afternoon, appreciate the bird and animal life, and watch a sunset. Because Dewart Lake is home to at least seven species of turtle, a number of long- and short-term turtle studies have been completed here. Plant life includes cattail, pickerelweed and water lily.

Dewart Lake anglers reel in catches of northern pike, bluegill, bowfin, largemouth bass and spotted gar. State fishing permits are required for most adults above the age of 18 years old. Fishing enthusiasts should note that there is a "no-wake zone" on the south shore, just east of Crowl Bay. Black crappie can reach up to 12 inches long, northern pike up to 30 inches, and bluegill up to eight inches.

Three miles north of Dewart Lake you'll find the town of Syracuse, between South Bend City and Fort Wayne. The Creative Fish Art Gallery in Syracuse is a great place to observe other peoples' artistic creations, or come up with your own. Nearby Fort Wayne features great shopping with everything from family-owned bookstores to elegant chocolatiers with factory tours.

Kosciusko County is home to more than 100 bodies of water. There are plenty of cultural and recreational activities to be enjoyed here, including six museums with unique themes that run the gamut from the Potawatomi Indians to Hallmark ornaments and evangelist baseball stars. Various art galleries, theaters and concert halls can be found in the region, along with petting zoos, arcades and skating rinks for the kids. Ballooning, scuba diving and Dixie boat tours are also available.

Land activities near Dewart Lake include geocaching, golfing and horseback riding. Hiking and mountain biking trails in the area abound, particularly along the Winona Lake Trail System. The Bock Nature Preserve provides 47 acres of forests and agricultural fields that are great for trailblazing. Bat watching is popular at the Wildwood Nature Reserve, with frog watching at the Mary Thornton Nature Preserve.

With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that myriad vacation rentals and real estate properties are available along Dewart Lake's shoreline. This is the perfect getaway for true lovers of the outdoors. Dewart Lake can be enjoyed by solo-travelers, couples and families alike.

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