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DMAD Reservoir, Utah, USA

Also known as: Delta Reservoir

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Map: DMAD Reservoir, Utah, USA

For an oasis in the middle of the Sevier Desert near Delta, head to DMAD Reservoir (also known as Delta Reservoir), an impoundment of the lower reaches of the Sevier River. This 1,199-acre reservoir was created in 1959 in Millard County with the construction of a dam and a north dike to supply water, aquatic habitat, recreation, water for irrigation, and cooling for the Intermountain Power Project (IPP) coal burning power plants. The dam and reservoir were a cooperative project of four irrigation companies (Delta, Melville, Abraham, and Deseret), resulting in the lake's name: DMAD Reservoir. Located in the Panoramaland Region of Utah, DMAD Reservoir forms a serpentine valley about a mile wide and 80 feet deep. Most of the 6.3 miles of shoreline are publicly owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with some state and private lands dotting the shore.

Facilities at DMAD Reservoir include primitive campsites and boat ramps with fishing, boating, and camping making up most of the activities at this desert lake. You can find public campgrounds within 15 miles of the reservoir in several locations along with lodging in Delta, Filmore, Scipio, Richfield, and Nephi. The landscape is rugged and quite beautiful, with desert colors coming alive at sunrise and sunset. You can't help but get a feeling of what the old west must have been like 150 years ago - only now there is the DMAD Reservoir to cool off in.

Fishing at DMAD Reservoir can be slow during the summer months as the water heats up and the fish stay in the cooler depths. Most of the trees and vegetation were left in the reservoir when it was dammed, creating some debris in the lake that can be hazardous to boats. Expect to catch walleye, catfish, white bass, white crappie, and carp.

For attractions off the DMAD Reservoir, head to Fillmore, home to the Territorial Statehouse, Utah's oldest existing government building, built by Brigham Young in anticipation of Utah's statehood. The south wing (the only completed part of the building) was finished in 1855 for the meeting of the Territorial Legislature, which was the only full session ever held in the statehouse. Visit the Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum and auditorium, an All-American Rose Society Garden, two restored cabins, and an 1867 schoolhouse. Camping and lodging are located nearby.

Also located close to DMAD Reservoir in Millard County is Fishlake National Forest. Home to the largest natural mountain lake in Utah, Fishlake National Forest offers trophy fishing and bird watching. Fish Lake is surrounding by stands of aspen and open meadows and is considered by some to be the gem of Utah. Hunting, fishing, and off-road vehicle use are some of the more popular activities at Fishlake National Forest.

Towns close to DMAD Reservoir include Delta and Sugarville, with Delta being the home of the Lon and Mary Watson Cosmic Ray Center, the main staging arena for the Telescope Array Experiment. Other attractions close to Delta are the Topaz War Relocation Center, an internment camp used after the attack of Pearl Harbor for many Japanese-Americans and the Great Basin Museum.

After visiting all the attractions close to the reservoir, head back to DMAD Reservoir for a relaxing day of fishing under clear blue skies. Stay long enough to watch the sunset cast shadows over the lake and the surrounding desert for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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