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Here are the 9 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Maine > Down East & Acadia - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Spednic Lake
(New Brunswick, Canada / Maine, USA)
380 Spednic Lake Message Forums A lone canoe glides through the water of Spednic Lake with only a pair of loons for company. Unknowingly dancing between two countries, the canoeist scans the horizon looking for any sign of human inhabitants and finds little. Spednic Lake is an unspoiled "near-wilderness" with some of the most beautiful ...
West Grand Lake
(Maine, USA)
301 West Grand Lake Message Forums The wooden broad-beamed canoe, carrying a guide and fishermen, glides across the water of West Grand Lake, Maine, leaving a small trail in its wake. At first glance it looks like a regular canoe - a "two ender". As the boat turns, however, it is obviously something different. The stern is squared ...
Eagle Lake
(Maine, USA)
275 Eagle Lake Pictures Eagle Lake Message Forums Scenic Eagle Lake is nestled within Maine's Acadia National Park. The lake has a surface area of 466 acres and a shoreline length of five miles. With an average depth of 44 feet and a 10 engine horsepower limit, it is ideal for peaceful water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Fishing is popular ...
Tunk Lake
(Maine, USA)
207 Tunk Lake Pictures Tunk Lake Message Forums Also known as: Tunk Pond
Nothing says Downeast Maine like Tunk Lake. This beautiful 2000-acre natural lake is wild, pristine and entirely accessible to all comers. Considered the third deepest lake in the state, Tunk Lake is exceedingly clear and scenically beautiful. Only a couple dozen private cottages share the 16 miles ...
Beech Hill Pond
(Maine, USA)
197 Beech Hill Pond Pictures Beech Hill Pond Message Forums Also known as: Beech Hill Lake
The coffee cup warms her hands as she sits on the dock in the early morning chill, watching a pair of loons glide across the water, their distinctive calls cutting the air. In a few hours there will be boats and children swimming and splashing in the clear, clean water, but for now there is calm, respite ...
Toddy Pond
(Maine, USA)
158 Toddy Pond Message Forums Toddy Pond is an elongated body of water tucked inside the Downeast and Acadia region of Maine. The lake is known for the spectacular mirror-like reflections that bounce off its surface, particularly during the fall when leaves change from green to bright orange and red. Toddy Pond spans 2,408 acres ...
Orange Lake
(Maine, USA)
79 Orange Lake Message Forums For a truly unusual Maine vacation, give Orange Lake a try. Located in Maine's Down East and Acadia Region, Orange Lake is near US Route 1 and only ten miles from the Atlantic coast. A week at Orange Lake will keep you close to historic coastal attractions, yet serenely isolated when you want to be. ...
Boyden Lake
(Maine, USA)
75 Boyden Lake Message Forums Boyden Lake is located in Maine's Down East & Acadia tourism region, close to the USA-Canada border. Covering 1,759 acres with a shoreline length of 11 miles, Boyden Lake is home to a wide variety of recreational activities. Real estate properties and vacation rentals are available on Boyden Lake, ...
Lakes of Acadia National Park
(Maine, USA)
60 Lakes of Acadia National Park Pictures Lakes of Acadia National Park Message Forums Also known as: Eagle Lake, Seal Cove Lake, Long Pond., Somes Pond, Little Long Pond, Round Pond, Jordan Pond, Hogdon Pond, Lower Hadlock Pond, Bubble Pond, Witch Hole Pond, Echo Lake, Lake Wood, Turners Lake
Pristine gems in a rugged landscape setting, the nearly 30 lakes in Acadia National Park never fail to sparkle. Located in Maine's Downeast and Acadia region, the lakes fill valleys and hollows gouged by glaciers long past. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries classifies these lakes as 'great ponds.' ...


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