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Drawskie Lake District Vacation Rentals

Drawskie Lake District, West Pomerania, Poland

Also known as: Drawsko Lake District, Drawskie Lakeland

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Map: Drawskie Lake District, West Pomerania, Poland

In northern Poland, over 250 lakes are showcased in the Drawskie Lake District's environmentally diverse landscape. Mountains tower in their alpine beauty while the clean, clear waters of the Drawa River snake through the region known as West Pomerania. Lakes in this area, carved by ancient glaciers, range from large, deep expanses of water to shallow, small ponds.

The largest lake in the Drawskie Lake District is Drawsko Lake, which is also the second largest lake in Poland. This starfish-shaped lake covers about 4,600 acres with a maximum depth of almost 280 feet. Drawsko Lake draws in visitors both for its compelling vistas atop craggy cliffs and boat tours to the largest of the 14 islands that checker the lake's surface. Sailing is a popular sport atop this lake, though motor boats are also seen racing by with wakeboarding or waterskiing companions following along.

Fishing is allowed throughout the Drawskie Lake District, with anglers eager to pinpoint the best spot at each one of the lake locations. Test your own luck, where perch, pike, eel, trout, roach, crucian, rudd, and white bream can be caught. In winters anglers try their skill reeling in Baltic whitefish.

One of the biggest water attractions within the Drawskie Lake District are the canoeing routes along the Drawa River. Pope John Paul III once famously canoed a section of this river and now has a route named after him in Stare Drawsko. The river flows for roughly 120 miles, carrying passengers through both open landscapes and mountainous terrain. The most popular route begins at Drawsko Lake and ends where the Drawa River joins the River Notec.

Lakeside vacation rentals, cabins and real estate opportunities are offered at the majority of the lakes in the Drawskie Lake District, making it simple to pick a special spot for a family getaway or solitary vacation. Depending on the location, social events crop up in the area's tiny towns and small cities. The largest city in the district is Szczecin, where modern universities stand alongside ancient gothic cathedrals. Begin the day by checking out local art galleries, museums and operas and end the evening in a quiet, romantic bar.

For the outdoor lovers, both the Drawsko Landscape Park and Drawienski National Park offer a nature complex whose goal is in the protection of both plant and animal communities. The Drawsko Landscape Park covers 102,375 acres, where horseback riding, hiking and biking trails skirt around the many nature preserves in the park. Nature tours are also available for visitors looking for additional education on these natural communities.

The Drawsko Lake District presents travelers with a multitude of options, making vacations customized to your tastes. Take a few days to glide down the Drawa River with a few other kayaking companions. Rest up in a lakeside vacation rental at one of the many bodies of water in the region, and spend the days soaking up the sun alongside white sandy beaches. See and explore the Drawsko Lake District for yourself and see what it's all about!

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Drawskie Lake District


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