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Here are the 3 lakes we have listed within Ecuador - compared by Deepest Lakes.

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Laguna Quilotoa
840 Laguna Quilotoa Pictures Laguna Quilotoa Message Forums Also known as: Lake Quilotoa
A special treat awaits travelers who venture off the beaten track to visit Laguna Quilotoa. This amazing turquoise lake lies in the caldera of a dormant volcano. The last major eruption occurred about 800 years ago, although there have been eruption-type events several times since then. The lake lies ...
Mojanda Lakes
330 Mojanda Lakes Pictures Mojanda Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lagunas de Mojanda, Caricocha, Yanacocha, Huarmicocha
A secret just being discovered by visitors to the northern Andes is the Mojanda Lakes. Only a few miles north of the equator, the lakes were formed by the collapse of twin volcanoes. Mojanda volcano and Fuya-Fuya volcano both exploded between 200,000 and 165,000 years ago, allowing water to collect ...
Lago San Pedro
116 Lago San Pedro Pictures Lago San Pedro Message Forums Also known as: Lake San Pedro, San Pedro Lake, Imbakucha
Lago San Pablo is Ecuador's second-largest lake but rapidly approaching first-place in popularity. Located less than two hours north of Quito, Lake San Pablo lies less than five miles from scenic Otavalo and is developing as a tourism destination in its own right. Set against a green backdrop of dormant ...
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