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Ecuador Lakes A-Z

Ecuador Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Lago San Pedro Lago San Pedro Pictures Also known as: Lake San Pedro, San Pedro Lake, Imbakucha
Lago San Pablo is Ecuador's second-largest lake but rapidly approaching first-place in popularity. Located less than two hours north of Quito, Lake San ...
Laguna Quilotoa Laguna Quilotoa Pictures Also known as: Lake Quilotoa
A special treat awaits travelers who venture off the beaten track to visit Laguna Quilotoa. This amazing turquoise lake lies in the caldera of a dormant ...
Mojanda Lakes Mojanda Lakes Pictures Also known as: Lagunas de Mojanda, Caricocha, Yanacocha, Huarmicocha
A secret just being discovered by visitors to the northern Andes is the Mojanda Lakes. Only a few miles north of the equator, the lakes were formed by ...
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