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Eloika Lake, Washington, USA

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Map: Eloika Lake, Washington, USA

Eloika Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountain Range in the northern most part of Spokane County in Washington. The Spokane Indian Nation states that Eloika is the English spelling of the Salish Native American word En-sloy-qua which means "a lake that has Dolly Varden Trout." Lake Eloika and the surrounding area were popular hunting and fishing locations for the early Native Americans.

Eloika Lake is most popular for its great bass fishing which has produce five to eight pound large mouthed bass. Also, crappie, rainbow trout, German brown, bullhead, and perch are abundant. Fishing is available year round with ice fishing season lasting from December through early March as the lake usually freezes solid every winter.

Boat launches for Eloika Lake are available at private resorts for a fee or free at the two Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ramps. Of course homeowners along the lake have private access to Eloika Lake. Although boating is popular, the most common types of watercraft on Lake Eloika are small motorized boats, rowboats, and paddle craft. The pace is very leisurely as most people paddle or row to enjoy the natural beauty of sunsets and wildlife along the shores of Eloika Lake.

With many acres of wetland habitat surrounding Eloika Lake, a wide variety of wildlife inhabits the area. Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Hawks, Owls, as well as numerous waterfowl nest or migrate here. Deer, Moose, Elk, Beaver, Muskrat, Otter, and Mink are often seen roaming the shores of Eloika Lake

Eloika Lake has one of the smallest populations of residents as compared to other lakes in Spokane County. Some residents live year round on the shores of Eloika Lake. However, there are many cabins and homes that serve as second homes or vacation spots for temporary residents or visiting vacationers.

With four distinct seasons, the beauty of Eloika Lake will inspire you no matter when you choose to visit.

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