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Embden Pond, Maine, USA

Also known as: Embden Lake

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Map: Embden Pond, Maine, USA

When you arrive at Embden Pond, you have arrived at an outdoors enthusiast's paradise. The clear waters of Embden Pond, also known as Embden Lake, reflect the scenic hills and mountains of the Kennebec Valley of west-central Maine. The scenery alone will attract you, but the endless recreational opportunities will keep you returning to Embden Pond again and again.

Embden Pond's five-mile length and one-mile width make it a perfect setting for boating and fishing. Hancock Stream meanders from nearby Hancock Pond to provide the inlet for Embden Pond. A second stream, Mill Stream, provides the outlet that flows to the Carrabassett River. Embden Pond is owned by Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The maintenance of lakeside facilities and water quality are shared by the Town of Embden and Embden Pond Association. Embden Pond Dam, which controlled the lake's water level, washed away leaving Mother Nature to control the current lake level at 415 feet.

Embden Pond is located in Somerset County, Maine's third largest county. Located just west of Highway 201, a National Scenic Byway, Embden Pond draws travelers from Quebec, Canada to Portland, Maine. With a combined population of 5,300 residents, the surrounding rural communities of Embden, New Portland, Solon and Anson provide services to seasonal visitors.

Some 350 permanent residents call Embden Pond home. Nestled among the Embden Pond community you will find vacation rentals that offer visitors a welcome temporary residence. For those who prefer the outdoor experience, campgrounds are scattered around Embden Lake's wooded shoreline and nearby Hancock Pond. In 2008, the state upgraded and expanded the public boat ramp at the south end of Embden Pond. The town of Embden maintains a beach near the boat ramp for those who enjoy a cool swim on a hot day.

The Embden Pond Association actively promotes lakeside and community activities. Each year, association members host a "welcome back breakfast," a cookout, and July 4th boat parade. Educational programs include lake-monitor training, boat launch safety, and CPR training. Even the youngest residents of Embden Pond benefit from the Association through their sponsorship of an elementary school essay contest and high school scholarship program.

The Embden Pond Association helps monitor and maintain the pristine clear-water quality of Embden Lake. With a depth of 180 feet, the deep cold water of Embden Pond provides excellent game fishing opportunities. Among the species anglers will find in Embden Pond are wild salmon stocked by the state, landlocked salmon, brown bullhead, chain pickerel, banded killifish, smallmouth bass, golden and common shiner, brook and lake trout, and rainbow smelt. Fishing season is open both summer and winter. Current fishing regulations are found on the website for Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Travel in any direction from Embden Pond and you will find endless opportunity to connect with some of America's prized countryside. Immediately to the east of Embden Pond is the Kennebec River. Not for the faint of heart, the Kennebec provides world-class whitewater rafting. Whether you prefer a stroll through the countryside at the Bigelow Preserve or a hike through the most challenging portion of the Appalachian Trail, you are within easy driving distance of the best trails Maine has to offer. Outfitters and guide services are available to assist in any outdoor sport including rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing. The 10-foot annual snowfall turns Embden Pond and the surrounding mountains into a winter wonderland. Ice fishing, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiling are just outside your door. For those who prefer skiing, Sugarloaf and Saddleback mountains are a short drive to the northwest.

Whether you come for the challenge of outdoor sports or the quiet of a lakeside retreat, Embden Pond offers it all. Consider the possibilities, then plan your trip to Embden Pond today!

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Embden Pond


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