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Lake Inari

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Lakes in Finland

Lake Name Lake Summary
Lake Hoytiainen Also known as: Sea of Karelia
Lake Hoytiainen, also known as the Sea of Karelia, is a 72,402-acre freshwater lake located in the North Karelia region of eastern Finland. Whether visiting ...
Lake Inari Lake Inari Pictures Also known as: Lake Inarijarvi
Lake Inari, in the Lapland area of northern Finland, is a hot fishing destination. Also called Lake Inarijarvi, the huge lake near the northern tip of ...
Lake Keitele Lake Keitele Pictures Lake Keitele spans an impressive 122,000 acres in Central Finland's Lakeland District. The lake is connected to Lake Paijanne (271,800 acres) via the ...
Lake Lappajarvi Lake Lappajarvi Pictures Lake Lappajarvi is different from most other lakes in Finland. The depression the lake lies in is actually a meteorite crater! An estimated 73 million ...
Lake Oulujarvi Lake Oulujarvi Pictures Also known as: The Kainuu Sea
Lake Oulujarvi, located in the Kajaani region of Finland's Lakeland District, is the perfect holiday destination all year round. Called the 'Kainuu Sea', ...
Lake Paijanna Lake Paijanna Pictures Lake Paijanne is the second largest lake in Finland and probably the most popular with holiday makers. Located only a couple of hours from Helsinki, Lake ...
Lake Pielinen Lake Pielinen Pictures Lake Pielinen, in Finland's Lakeland District, is a well-known vacation getaway to native Finns. The huge lake is dotted with islands, one of which is ...
Lake Saimaa Lake Saimaa Pictures Also known as: Saimaa Lake, Saimaa Lake District, Saimaa
Lake Saimaa, in Finland's Lakeland Region, is a lake you could spend a lifetime exploring! Nearly 1700 square miles of water and over 13,500 islands make ...
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