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Here are the 6 lakes we have listed within Finland - compared by Largest Lakes - Water Volume.

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Lake Name Volume in acre-feet Lake Description
Lake Paijanna
14,430,695 Lake Paijanna Pictures Lake Paijanna Message Forums Lake Paijanne is the second largest lake in Finland and probably the most popular with holiday makers. Located only a couple of hours from Helsinki, Lake Paijanne is the main lake on the Lake Paijanne water route in central Finland's Lakeland Region. The nearly 300,000-acre lake provides water supply ...
Lake Inari
12,241,769 Lake Inari Pictures Lake Inari Message Forums Also known as: Lake Inarijarvi
Lake Inari, in the Lapland area of northern Finland, is a hot fishing destination. Also called Lake Inarijarvi, the huge lake near the northern tip of Finland is well-known as an ideal fishing lake for brown trout, lake trout, grayling, Arctic char, perch and whitefish. The third-largest lake in Finland, ...
Lake Pielinen
6,891,062 Lake Pielinen Pictures Lake Pielinen Message Forums Lake Pielinen, in Finland's Lakeland District, is a well-known vacation getaway to native Finns. The huge lake is dotted with islands, one of which is inhabited. Less than 15 miles from the Russian border, the clear waters of Lake Pielinen provide a wide variety of outdoor activities to the many seasonal ...
Lake Oulujarvi
5,837,135 Lake Oulujarvi Pictures Lake Oulujarvi Message Forums Also known as: The Kainuu Sea
Lake Oulujarvi, located in the Kajaani region of Finland's Lakeland District, is the perfect holiday destination all year round. Called the 'Kainuu Sea', the lake is not actually a sea but the result of melting and receding glaciers. The fifth largest lake in Finland, Lake Oulujarvi is drained primarily ...
Lake Keitele
2,821,282 Lake Keitele Pictures Lake Keitele Message Forums Lake Keitele spans an impressive 122,000 acres in Central Finland's Lakeland District. The lake is connected to Lake Paijanne (271,800 acres) via the Keitele-Paijanne Canal. Completed in 1993, the 25-mile canal has five automated locks that allow boats to navigate the 25-foot difference in elevation ...
Lake Lappajarvi
867,463 Lake Lappajarvi Pictures Lake Lappajarvi Message Forums Lake Lappajarvi is different from most other lakes in Finland. The depression the lake lies in is actually a meteorite crater! An estimated 73 million years ago, a large meteorite hit the earth in Western Finland, creating a massive dent in the earth. The intervening millions of years have worn down ...
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