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First Connecticut Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Map: First Connecticut Lake, New Hampshire, USA

New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes, located in the state's Great North Woods region, are comprised of four lakes: First Connecticut Lake, Second Connecticut Lake, Third Connecticut Lake, and Fourth Connecticut Lake. First Connecticut Lake is the largest and Fourth Connecticut Lake is the smallest of the group. At 3,071 acres, First Connecticut Lake is one of the largest lakes located entirely within New Hampshire's state borders.

The lakes were created by damming the Connecticut River, which begins in Pittsburg, New Hampshire in Coos County. Construction of the dam on First Connecticut Lake was completed in 1930. The cold river waters rush through the Great North Woods, one of the eastern coast's last true wilderness areas. If you are looking for a quiet slice of outdoor paradise, then the Connecticut Lakes Region will be the perfect destination for your next getaway.

One of the most popular activities at the Connecticut Lakes and Connecticut River is fishing. Anglers dream of the trout and salmon that will challenge their skills and break their personal records. Fly fishermen come to the area and delight in the miles of Connecticut River dedicated to the sport and often called the best fly fishing in the Northeast. First, Second, and Third Connecticut Lakes allow ice fishing during the winter and draw fishermen from miles around. So grab your pole and bait, and head on up to some of New Hampshire's best fishing.

The Connecticut Lakes area is also a wonderland for hunters, providing access to many acres of forest and animals. Home to whitetail dear, black bear, and moose, hunters enjoy their sport as much as their catch. The area is also known for upland bird hunting, and you can expect between 10 and 15 flushes per day. But before you load your gun or prepare your arrows, be sure to get a hunting license, as they are necessary in New Hampshire.

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, snowmobile season begins in mid-December, continuing into early April. Miles and miles of scenic trails sprinkle the area, taking you through forests, along the ponds, to vistas of the lakes, and frolicking among the mountains. Enjoy the beautiful blanket of white snow around you, watch the peaceful wildlife, and enjoy the crisp air as you whiz over the 200,000 northern New Hampshire acres.

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First Connecticut Lake


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