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Fish Trap Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Fish Trap Lake, Minnesota, USA

A pure Minnesotan jewel, the sparkling 1,175-acre Fish Trap Lake is situated in the state's central tourism region. Located in Morrison County just two hours north of the Twin Cities, the natural freshwater lake is surrounded by numerous other bodies of water: Crookneck and Shamineau Lakes to the north; Lake Alexander to the east; Madaline and Star Lakes to the south; and Rodgers and Long Lakes to the west. Two resorts and a comfortable campground draw visitors from far and wide, all seeking to enjoy the lake's many recreational activities.

Canoeing, pontooning, horseback riding and camping are perfect pastimes for a sunny day on Fish Trap Lake, along with hydro-biking, kayaking, and paddle boating. Hiking yields fabulous opportunities to observe bald eagles, blue herons and waterfowl. Golfers delight in the three challenging greens that can all be found within a half hour of the lake, including a stunning 18-hole championship course. The wide variety of real estate and vacation rentals truly reflects the lake's desirability and success.

Hiking and biking trails at Fish Trap Lake are numerous and well kept. The paved, 80-mile Paul Bunyan Bike Trail can be walked, biked or snowmobiled depending upon personal preferences and the time of year. A trek to Crow Wing Park's Chippewa Lookout rewards hikers with views of the Mississippi and Crow Wing Rivers. The reserve also features over 18 miles of trails, which pass through a number of historical sites, including several pits leftover from the famous 1768 battle between the Dakota and Ojibwe Native American tribes. Old homes, farms, and a post office from the 1820's frontier town are also on display. Sweet strawberries grow wild throughout the park, and are ripe for the picking in June. Wildlife enthusiasts will be rewarded with views of black bear, fox, beaver, muskrat, waterfowl, and white-tailed deer, while arborists search the woodlands for a variety of endemic trees, including bur oak, red oak and white, red and jack pine.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources owns a concrete public access point on the northwest side of Fish Trap Lake, which boasts 13.7 miles of uneven shoreline, an average depth of 23 feet, and a maximum depth of 47 feet. Local resorts and campgrounds offer inviting non-smoking cabins with breathtaking lakeside views, full kitchens, swimming pools and wireless internet. A camp store, electric hook ups, hot showers and laundry facilities are also available. Other facilities include a game room with pool tables and ping pong, playground, volleyball court, horseshoes, and badminton. Organized activities like ice cream socials and jewelry-making, woodworking, and painting classes are sure to inspire and entertain you.

Just 15 minutes away from Fish Trap Lake lies the Minnesota Military Museum, featuring 9,000 square feet of tanks, airplanes, and jeeps. The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, along with the Charles A. Lindbergh House and Visitor Center, also help guests gain an understanding of the area's deep historical significance. Fishermen will appreciate the Minnesota Fishing Museum, a facility with over 8,000 relevant fishing relics on display. The Pine Grove Zoo, the Paul Bunyan Nature Learning Center, and the Nature Conservancy are child-friendly, inexpensive attractions all within a half-hour drive from Fish Trap Lake.

Due to its obvious name, it comes as no surprise that fishing is Fish Trap Lake's claim to fame. The area is a veritable fish magnet, largely due to an irregular shoreline, shallow waters, and a great deal of plant life - like wild celery, flat-stem pondweed, water star grass, and coontail. Black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, northern pike, rock bass and walleye are the major players; brown bullhead, hybrid sunfish, pumpkinseed, tullibee, white sucker, yellow bullhead, and yellow perch can be found less commonly in these waters. Bluegills are particularly fruitful during the summer, as are yellow perch. Ice fishing, mostly for crappie, is an extremely popular winter activity.

Reconnect with nature by taking pleasure in Fish Trap Lake's extensive array of activities and attractions. Here you'll find the perfect opportunity to escape with a loved one, spend quality time with your family, or simply encounter a quiet solo retreat for meditation or self reflection. Whatever the reason, a Fish Trap Lake escape is guaranteed to foster peace and tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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