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Here are the 50 lakes we have listed within USA > South > Florida - compared by Deepest Lakes.

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Deep Lake
(Florida, USA)
98 Deep Lake Message Forums Fish and other water-loving animals glide just beneath the surface of water that plunges 98 feet deep. Florida royal palms and patches of cypress trees adorn the shoreline. Big blocks of limestone, characteristic of Florida's karst topography, line the circumference. Deep Lake is one of Florida's sinkholes ...
Compass Lake
(Florida, USA)
70 Compass Lake Pictures Compass Lake Message Forums Often overlooked as a Florida vacation destination, crystal-clear Compass Lake in the Panhandle-West region is far removed from the hectic recreational activities of the better-known peninsula. One of a number of natural sinkhole lakes, 581-acre Compass lake sits atop a limestone ridge, one of several ...
Lake Lochloosa
(Florida, USA)
62 Lake Lochloosa Pictures Lake Lochloosa Message Forums Also known as: Lochloosa Lake
A single kayaker paddles out of Cross Creek into the mouth of Little Lochloosa Lake. Beautiful 5,700-acre Lochlossa Lake stretches in front of him with moss-draped cypress lining the sandy shore. Surrounded by live oak trees and old growth cypress with almost no residential development, Lake Lochloosa ...
Lake Rosalie
(Florida, USA)
61 Lake Rosalie Pictures Lake Rosalie Message Forums Snowbird paradise. That describes Lake Rosalie in southern Polk County. This area in West Central Florida is the kind of place the northern transplant dreams of when planning the Florida vacation or winter destination. Located along the string of lakes and streams that make up the Kissimmee River water ...
Hampton Lake
(Florida, USA)
60 Hampton Lake Message Forums The beautiful cypress lake, known as Hampton Lake, is situated between Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. This 822-acre natural spring-fed lake is a relaxing place to enjoy peaceful getaways or exciting fishing retreats. Visitors and residents of Hampton Lake can take pleasure in the warm climate ...
Lake Placid
(Florida, USA)
57 Lake Placid Pictures Lake Placid Message Forums Lake Placid is a large sandy-bottom, freshwater lake located in south central Florida. The lake is ideally located between the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts and less than two hours from all the major Orlando-based attractions. The area is teeming with lakes and natural beauty. In fact, the greater Lake ...
Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake
(Florida, USA)
45 Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Pictures Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Caloosa
Remnants of desert sea islands 2.3 million years old host the hundreds of lakes along Florida's Lake Wales Ridge. This large area encompasses a broad swath across the East Central, West Central and South Florida tourism regions. Called the 'spine' of the Florida peninsula, the ancient Lake Wales Ridge ...
Lake Iamonia
(Florida, USA)
40 Lake Iamonia, a 5,757 acre lake located northeast of Tallahassee, is a shallow lake with an average depth of 5 feet. Shallow depths, in combination with some of the local wildlife, strongly discourage swimming, yet provide opportunities for other recreational activities. Lake Iamonia (pronounced ...
Lake June in Winter
(Florida, USA)
40 Lake June in Winter Pictures Also known as: Lake June, Lake Stearns
Lake June in Winter, often referred to simply as Lake June, is a 3,504 acre freshwater lake in the Lake Placid area of south-central Florida. Formerly known as Lake Stearns, the multi-recreational lake is the second largest in Highlands County, Florida. In the early 1920s the Lake Childs Company ...
Lake Talquin
(Florida, USA)
40 Lake Talquin, 8,800 acres of sparkling Florida water, is conveniently located just a few miles west of Tallahassee. The Florida Power Corporation created Lake Talquin in 1929 by constructing the Jackson Bluff Dam and hydroelectric plant and impounding the Ochlockonee River. The power company operated ...
Lake Otis
(Florida, USA)
35 Lake Otis Message Forums There's something special about Lake Otis. Florida's West Central Region is wealthy in lakes. Winter Haven in Polk County sits in the middle of a huge number of small lakes; the city is built around several of them. Lake Otis is one such lake. The small 143-acre lake is home to a great many Winter Haven ...
Alligator Lake
(Florida, USA)
32 Alligator Lake Message Forums Sometimes referred to as the "Headwaters of the Everglades," Alligator Lake in East Osceola County is part a chain of lakes in south-central Florida. The Alligator Chain of Lakes is known primarily for its fishing, boating, and bird watching. With its proximity to Disney Wold, Kissimmee and Orlando, ...
Island Lake
(Florida, USA)
30 Island Lake Message Forums Island Lake is a 130-acre spring fed lake in Marion County, Florida. This private lake has no public access, making it a perfect winter or summer retreat for those who prefer a quiet and peaceful setting with limited competition for fishing and boating space. Located 20 minutes from the natural beauty ...
Lake Jackson
(Florida, USA)
30 Lake Jackson Pictures Lake Jackson Message Forums Also known as: Jackson Lake
Florida has many special lakes, but none is more unique than Lake Jackson in the Panhandle East region. The 4,500-acre lake is remarkable for trophy largemouth bass, a fact known to many southern anglers. But its most unusual feature is that the lake regularly 'disappears' about every 25 years. The ...
Lake Seminole
(Florida, USA / Georgia, USA)
30 Lake Seminole Pictures Lake Seminole Message Forums Lake Seminole divides its 37,500 watery acres between Georgia and Florida. The lake is conveniently located about 40 miles northwest of Tallahassee, Florida and 20 miles from Bainbridge, Georgia. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created the reservoir between 1947 and 1957 by damming the Chattahoochee ...
Santa Fe Lake
(Florida, USA)
30 Santa Fe Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Santa Fe
Santa Fe Lake, also known as Lake Santa Fe, is a sparkling 5,850-acre expanse that lies in northeastern Alachua County, Florida. Actually divided into two lakes -- Santa Fe Lake and Little Santa Fe Lake -- this watery playground is connected and easily navigable by boat. The lake is spring-fed and feeds ...
Winter Park Chain of Lakes
(Florida, USA)
29 Winter Park Chain of Lakes Pictures Winter Park Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lake Mizell, Lake Minnehaha, Lake Osceola, Lake Virginia, Lake Maitland
The Winter Park Chain of Lakes has been a major feature contributing to quality of life in Winter Park, Florida for well over a hundred years. The City of Winter Park was developed as a resort community beginning in 1885 soon after the railroad first was constructed across this East Central Florida ...
Lake Eustis
(Florida, USA)
28 Lake Eustis Pictures Lake Eustis Message Forums Also known as: Harris Chain of Lakes
One of the unsung gems of Central Florida's Lake County is Lake Eustis. Nearly 8,000 acres, Lake Eustis is a central link in the Harris Chain of Lakes, a key waterbody in the Ocklawaha River watershed and home to about 50,000 area residents. In an area dotted with lakes small and large, and hosting ...
Lake Alice
(Florida, USA)
25 Lake Alice Message Forums Once the home of orange groves and week-end fishing cabins, Lake Alice is quickly becoming exclusive property in a growing bedroom community. Located in the community of Odessa, Florida, Lake Alice is less than 10 miles northwest of Tampa and sandy beaches of the central Gulf Coast. Encircled by cypress ...
Lake Kissimmee
(Florida, USA)
20 Lake Kissimmee Pictures Lake Kissimmee's massive 34,948 acre area earns the lake a spot as Florida's third largest lake, finishing just behind Lake George and Lake Okeechobee. The Kissimmee Waterway consists of a chain of lakes including Lake Kissimmee. Boaters can enjoy the entire 56-mile long waterway starting at Lake Tohopekaliga ...
Lake Weir
(Florida, USA)
20 Lake Weir Pictures Lake Weir Message Forums Sprawling live oaks dripping with Spanish moss next to beautiful white sand beaches combine with exceptional fishing to make Lake Weir an enchanting Marion County, Florida destination. Its proximity to the Ocala National Forest and all the attraction of Disney and the Orlando area ensure visitors never ...
Saxon Lake
(Florida, USA)
20 Saxon Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Saxon
Saxon Lake is the go-to spot for water skiing in Florida. Although Land O Lakes in Pascoe County holds over a hundred lakes, most are small - too small for the sport - and nearly all are privately held. That's what makes Saxon Lake in Florida's West Central Region so attractive to water ski aficionados. ...
Lake Annie
(Florida, USA)
19 Lake Annie Message Forums Located in central Florida, Lake Annie is 90 miles west of the Atlantic's white sand beaches and 90 miles east of the Gulf of Mexico's parks and resorts. It is Lake Annie's central location that is transforming an agricultural region into a bedroom community for nearby Tampa, Orlando and Kissimmee. ...
Lake Apopka
(Florida, USA)
18 Lake Apopka Pictures Lake Apopka Message Forums Sixty years ago Lake Apopka was a world class bass fishery. Fishing camps dotted the shore of the spring-fed central Florida lake in Orange and Lake Counties, and anglers came from all over to fish the clean clear water. The water was so clear it was said a fisherman could look down and pick out the ...
Lake Griffin
(Florida, USA)
18 Lake Griffin Pictures Lake Griffin Message Forums Headwaters of the Ocklawaha River, 9,500-acre Lake Griffin offers a bit of everything to Harris Chain of Lakes visitors. The long, shallow lake is the terminus of the chain which includes Lake Harris, Little Lake Harris, Lake Dora, Lake Beauclair, Lake Carlton, Lake Eustis and several canals. Mostly ...
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