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Here are the 73 lakes we have listed within USA > South > Florida - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Compass Lake
(Florida, USA)
180 Compass Lake Pictures Compass Lake Message Forums Often overlooked as a Florida vacation destination, crystal-clear Compass Lake in the Panhandle-West region is far removed from the hectic recreational activities of the better-known peninsula. One of a number of natural sinkhole lakes, 581-acre Compass lake sits atop a limestone ridge, one of several ...
Lake Cannon
(Florida, USA)
146 Lake Cannon Pictures Lake Cannon Message Forums Also known as: Winter Haven Chain of Lakes, Southern Chain
If you use your imagination, Lake Cannon's large and circular shape somewhat resembles a one-dimensional cannonball; however, this is simply coincidental. Dr. John Westcott, a pious Episcopalian, first surveyed this body of water and its surroundings back in 1849. He originally called this sparkling ...
Santa Fe Lake
(Florida, USA)
141 Santa Fe Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Santa Fe
Santa Fe Lake, also known as Lake Santa Fe, is a sparkling 5,850-acre expanse that lies in northeastern Alachua County, Florida. Actually divided into two lakes -- Santa Fe Lake and Little Santa Fe Lake -- this watery playground is connected and easily navigable by boat. The lake is spring-fed and feeds ...
Lake Geneva
(Florida, USA)
138 Lake Geneva Message Forums Tucked away in the northeastern Florida, Lake Geneva has over 1,600 acres of clean, clear water to explore. The lake is full of fish with plenty of room for both anglers and boaters. A beach along the northern shore makes the ideal place for families with children to picnic, play and swim. Lake Geneva ...
Lake Deeson
(Florida, USA)
134 Lake Deeson Message Forums After spending decades in the north, raising their children and shoveling snow, they knew they wanted to retire someplace warm -- the question was where. It had to be somewhere quiet, but close enough to parks and attractions for when the grandkids came to visit. They both wanted to live on the water. ...
Lake Eloise
(Florida, USA)
131 Lake Eloise Pictures Lake Eloise Message Forums Also known as: Winter Haven Chain of Lakes, Southern Chain
Bald cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss reach out of the water near the shore of Lake Eloise. The cottage-dotted shoreline harkens back to a time much more in tune with Esther Williams, one piece swimming costumes, and bathing caps than string bikinis and South Beach. Lake Eloise in West Central ...
Winter Haven Chain of Lakes
(Florida, USA)
131 Winter Haven Chain of Lakes Pictures Winter Haven Chain of Lakes Message Forums The Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is a very special place. These natural, spring-fed lakes in Florida's West Central region have delighted residents and visitors for over a hundred years. Before hordes of tourists descended on the coastal beaches to vacation and enjoy the salt air, this middle-Florida ...
Hampton Lake
(Florida, USA)
128 Hampton Lake Message Forums The beautiful cypress lake, known as Hampton Lake, is situated between Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. This 822-acre natural spring-fed lake is a relaxing place to enjoy peaceful getaways or exciting fishing retreats. Visitors and residents of Hampton Lake can take pleasure in the warm climate ...
Lake Otis
(Florida, USA)
127 Lake Otis Message Forums There's something special about Lake Otis. Florida's West Central Region is wealthy in lakes. Winter Haven in Polk County sits in the middle of a huge number of small lakes; the city is built around several of them. Lake Otis is one such lake. The small 143-acre lake is home to a great many Winter Haven ...
Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake
(Florida, USA)
120 Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Pictures Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Caloosa
Remnants of desert sea islands 2.3 million years old host the hundreds of lakes along Florida's Lake Wales Ridge. This large area encompasses a broad swath across the East Central, West Central and South Florida tourism regions. Called the 'spine' of the Florida peninsula, the ancient Lake Wales Ridge ...
Glisson Pond
(Florida, USA)
115 Glisson Pond Message Forums For a quiet respite from the busy world, a visit to Glisson Pond near Madison, Florida is recommended. With a location in the deep south where small town hospitality is common, this lake makes a great get away for relaxing days. At the end of a tree lined road with lush foliage, Glisson Pond waits ...
Lake Davenport
(Florida, USA)
108 Lake Davenport Pictures Lake Davenport Message Forums Also known as: Old Lake Davenport, North Davenport Lake, Davenport Lake
If you're looking for a Florida lake vacation that's close to the Disney theme parks yet away from the constant hustle around Orlando, Lake Davenport may be just the spot. Lake Davenport lies near the Lake Wales Ridge, the ancient sea islands that predate the Florida Peninsula. The area is called Four ...
Lake Sebring
(Florida, USA)
105 Lake Sebring Pictures Lake Sebring Message Forums Also known as: Sebring Lake
Lake Sebring in Highlands County has been a Florida tourism destination since 1912. Wealthy businessman George Sebring came here from Ohio on a fishing trip and decided to buy the area that is now the town of Sebring. By 1912, his plans were well-underway in developing the town. Lake Sebring is not ...
Deer Springs Lake
(Florida, USA)
102 Deer Springs Lake Message Forums Located in Clay County an hour southwest of Jacksonville, Deer Springs Lake is a small lake amongst 48 other lakes in the county. Known for its large number of vacation rentals and lake activities, Clay County has become an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Near Keystone Heights in Florida's North ...
Lake Iamonia
(Florida, USA)
99 Lake Iamonia, a 5,757 acre lake located northeast of Tallahassee, is a shallow lake with an average depth of 5 feet. Shallow depths, in combination with some of the local wildlife, strongly discourage swimming, yet provide opportunities for other recreational activities. Lake Iamonia (pronounced ...
Clermont Chain of Lakes
(Florida, USA)
97 Clermont Chain of Lakes Pictures Clermont Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lake Louisa, Lake Minnehaha, Lake Minneola, Lake Winona, Lake Susan, Lake Hiawatha, Lake Palatlakaha, Wilson Lake, Lake Crescent, Cook Lake, Lake Cherry, Lake Lucy, Lake Emma
Water paradise awaits in East Central Florida: the Clermont Chain of Lakes offers over 9000 acres of water surface with additional miles of canals and rivers. Eleven of the 13 lakes in the chain are connected with channels and with stretches of the Palatlakaha River that remain navigable to small boats. ...
Lake Buena Vista
(Florida, USA)
97 Lake Buena Vista Pictures Lake Buena Vista Message Forums Also known as: Black Lake
Lake Buena Vista is a magical lake in a magical land. This tiny natural lake in Florida's East Central Region has been transformed by Walt Disney World, it's latest owner. Originally called Black Lake, the pond rested just outside of the small town of Vineland. Vineland never was a very big town; it's ...
Johns Lake
(Florida, USA)
94 Johns Lake Message Forums Also known as: John's Lake
Johns Lake is a beautiful 2,419-acre lake located halfway between Orlando and Clermont in central Florida. The lake is divided into east (Black Lake) and west (Clear Lake) lakes with a connecting channel. Although a rather shallow lake, the shoreline's winding and irregular path forms many coves, points ...
Lake Placid
(Florida, USA)
92 Lake Placid Pictures Lake Placid Message Forums Lake Placid is a large sandy-bottom, freshwater lake located in south central Florida. The lake is ideally located between the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts and less than two hours from all the major Orlando-based attractions. The area is teeming with lakes and natural beauty. In fact, the greater Lake ...
Bream Lake
(Florida, USA)
89 Bream Lake Pictures Bream Lake Message Forums Bream Lake is a 164-acre private lake in Putnam County near the border of Alachua County. The natural spring-fed lake has a sandy bottom and clean water. Named for the abundant bream panfish that occupy its waters, the lake is surrounded by private residences and lots. Although the lake is relatively ...
Holden Pond
(Florida, USA)
89 Holden Pond Message Forums Holden Pond is a 51-acre lake southeast of the town of Hawthorne in Alachua County, Florida. Alachua County has numerous small, tucked away lakes and ponds, but most are private and do not allow public access; Holden Pond is an exception. A public boat ramp grants anglers access to the lake as well ...
Lake McMeekin
(Florida, USA)
89 Lake McMeekin Message Forums Also known as: McMeekin Lake, Big Lake McMeekin, Little Lake McMeekin
Located in the Cross Florida region, spring-fed Lake McMeekin (also called McMeekin Lake) is actually two lakes- Big Lake McMeekin at 200 acres and Little Lake McMeekin at 50 acres. Joined by a canal, these private lakes offer numerous recreational opportunities including boating, wake boarding, water ...
Little Orange Lake
(Florida, USA)
89 Little Orange Lake Message Forums North central Florida is blessed with a number of pristine lakes. Within a ten-mile radius of the city of Hawthorne, there are approximately 380 bodies of water. One such sparkling body of water is Little Orange Lake, a 576-acre lake that straddles the Alachua/Putnam county line just southeast of Hawthorne. ...
Cowpen Lake
(Florida, USA)
85 Cowpen Lake Pictures Cowpen Lake Message Forums Many pockets and sinkholes dot the landscape of central Florida. Cowpen Lake is one of the scores of small lakes and marshes of Florida's natural treasures. The lake is in the Cross Florida Region, represented largely by the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway which runs across Florida from ...
Gillis Pond
(Florida, USA)
82 Gillis Pond Message Forums Putnam County Florida, known for it natural beauty and outdoor adventure, has a quiet little getaway called Gillis Pond. As word has spread, more visitors are enjoying this secluded piece of paradise that locals have known about for years. With plenty of public access at Gillis Pond, swimming, ...
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