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Here are the 41 lakes we have listed within USA > South > Florida - compared by Longest Shorelines.

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Lake Name Shoreline length in miles Lake Description
Lake Seminole
(Florida, USA / Georgia, USA)
376 Lake Seminole Pictures Lake Seminole Message Forums Lake Seminole divides its 37,500 watery acres between Georgia and Florida. The lake is conveniently located about 40 miles northwest of Tallahassee, Florida and 20 miles from Bainbridge, Georgia. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created the reservoir between 1947 and 1957 by damming the Chattahoochee ...
Deer Point Lake
(Florida, USA)
285 Deer Point Lake is located north of Panama City, off of US 331 and SR-77. Primarily used as a public water source, Deer Point Lake is also used for irrigation and recreational purposes. With approximately 4,572 surface acres of water and subtropical temperatures, Deer Point Lake is an excellent place ...
Lake Okeechobee
(Florida, USA)
135 Lake Okeechobee Pictures Lake Okeechobee Message Forums With over 451,000 blue, watery acres, Lake Okeechobee is a lake with many titles. It is, by surface acreage, the largest lake in Florida. It also holds the distinction of being the fourth-largest lake wholly contained within the USA. (Lake Michigan, Alaska's Lake Iliamna, and Great Salt Lake are larger.) ...
Lake Tohopekaliga
(Florida, USA)
42 Lake Tohopekaliga Pictures Lake Tohopekaliga Message Forums Also known as: Lake Toho
Lake Tohopekaliga is world renowned for its bass fishing and loved for its natural beauty. It is located in Osceola County, Florida, at the headwaters of the Everglades and one of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes which encompasses 100,000 acres. In some spots Lake Tohopekaliga is marshy, a haven for rare ...
Lake Apopka
(Florida, USA)
40 Lake Apopka Pictures Lake Apopka Message Forums Sixty years ago Lake Apopka was a world class bass fishery. Fishing camps dotted the shore of the spring-fed central Florida lake in Orange and Lake Counties, and anglers came from all over to fish the clean clear water. The water was so clear it was said a fisherman could look down and pick out the ...
Lake Harris
(Florida, USA)
38 Lake Harris Pictures Lake Harris, located in Lake County, sits atop an enviable central Florida location, only 31 miles from Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and all Orlando has to offer. One of the lake's most unique features is its shape: from the air, the lake is shaped just like China. But have no fear, it's ...
Lake Weir
(Florida, USA)
38 Lake Weir Pictures Lake Weir Message Forums Sprawling live oaks dripping with Spanish moss next to beautiful white sand beaches combine with exceptional fishing to make Lake Weir an enchanting Marion County, Florida destination. Its proximity to the Ocala National Forest and all the attraction of Disney and the Orlando area ensure visitors never ...
Lake George
(Florida, USA)
37 Lake George Pictures Lake George Message Forums Lake George is the second largest lake in Florida, second only to Lake Okeechobee. Lake George is also the largest lake on the St. Johns River, about 12 miles long, 6 miles wide, and covering about 46,000 acres. The St. Johns River meanders slowly northward about 300 miles on its way to the Atlantic ...
Lake Jesup
(Florida, USA)
31 Lake Jesup Pictures At 16,000 acres, Lake Jesup is one of central Florida's largest lakes and, indeed, one of the largest lakes in the state. Though not a swimming lake, due to its large alligator population, Lake Jesup is still a recreational playground for many area residents. In the 1960's, Lake Jesup was a thriving ...
East Lake Tohopekaliga
(Florida, USA)
27 East Lake Tohopekaliga Pictures Also known as: East Lake Toho
East Lake Tohopekaliga, often called East Lake Toho for short, is located in central Florida south of Orlando. Covering a staggering 11,968 Florida acres, East Lake Tohopekaliga is circular in shape with a diameter of 5 miles, making it the second largest lake in Osceola County behind its larger sister ...
Lake Hatchineha
(Florida, USA)
25 Lake Hatchineha, a 6,665-acre expanse in Osceola County, welcomes both tourists and residents to its beautiful central Florida shores. Lake Hatchineha is one of the lakes in the Kissimmee Waterway chain. From Lake Tohopekaliga to Lake Okeechobee boaters enjoy 56 miles of water, including Lake Hatchineha ...
Orange Lake
(Florida, USA)
25 Orange Lake Pictures Orange Lake Message Forums Both wading birds and airboats are at home amongst the mats of floating aquatic plants on beautiful Orange Lake in Alachua County, Florida. With its abundant vegetation, Orange Lake is a great destination for anglers, paddlers, and bird watchers. Orange Lake is a 12,550-acre natural lake in Florida's ...
Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake
(Florida, USA)
23 Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Pictures Lake Wales Ridge and Crooked Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Caloosa
Remnants of desert sea islands 2.3 million years old host the hundreds of lakes along Florida's Lake Wales Ridge. This large area encompasses a broad swath across the East Central, West Central and South Florida tourism regions. Called the 'spine' of the Florida peninsula, the ancient Lake Wales Ridge ...
Blue Cypress Lake
(Florida, USA)
21 Also known as: Lake Blue Cypress
Blue Cypress Lake, located on the Treasure Coast of Florida about 20 miles west of Vero Beach, covers 6,555 prime central Florida acres. Perfectly situated beneath celestial blue skies, the lake's name comes from the bluish glow off the lake's cypress trees, as the brilliant morning sun reflects off ...
Lake Kerr
(Florida, USA)
19 Lake Kerr Message Forums Also known as: Kerr Lake
Crystal clear, Lake Kerr is one of Florida's sinkhole lakes, formed over time by the erosion of limestone. It is immediately west of the freshwater springs of Salt Springs in the north-central area of the state, sprawling a breathtaking 2,830 acres in the midst of the Ocala National Forest. The lake ...
Lake Dora
(Florida, USA)
17 Lake Dora Pictures Lake Dora Message Forums A perfect lake in a perfect area describes Lake Dora in Florida's Eastern Central Region. The Lake Dora area has been a favorite destination of northern retiree 'snowbirds' for nearly 50 years. Part of the Harris Chain of Lakes, huge Lake Dora is rich in wildlife and fish, with many miles of waterways ...
Lake Jackson
(Florida, USA)
16 Lake Jackson Pictures Lake Jackson Message Forums Also known as: Jackson Lake
Florida has many special lakes, but none is more unique than Lake Jackson in the Panhandle East region. The 4,500-acre lake is remarkable for trophy largemouth bass, a fact known to many southern anglers. But its most unusual feature is that the lake regularly 'disappears' about every 25 years. The ...
Lake Tarpon
(Florida, USA)
16 Lake Tarpon Pictures Lake Tarpon Message Forums Also known as: Tarpon Lake, formerly Lake Butler
In the West Central Region of Florida, there is no finer lake than Lake Tarpon. The 2529-acre lake, often called the 'Jewel of Pinellas County' is only ten miles west of Tampa on the outskirts of Tarpon Springs. Long a favored Florida recreation area, Lake Tarpon is interesting in its underground connection ...
Guana Lake
(Florida, USA)
15 Guana Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Ponte Vedra
One of Florida's most interesting lakes is Guana Lake. Located between Jacksonville and St Augustine in Florida's North Region, the lake is actually located on one of the barrier islands of America's First Coast. A narrow spit of dunes separates Guana Lake from the Atlantic. Originally part of the free-flowing ...
Doctors Lake
(Florida, USA)
13 Doctors Lake Pictures Doctors Lake is a 3,500-acre tidal freshwater embayment located on the west side of the St. Johns River in Clay County, Florida, just 37 miles from the river's confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. Doctors Lake is connected to the St. Johns River by a narrow 1/4-mile wide tidal inlet known as Doctors ...
Lake Lochloosa
(Florida, USA)
13 Lake Lochloosa Pictures Lake Lochloosa Message Forums Also known as: Lochloosa Lake
A single kayaker paddles out of Cross Creek into the mouth of Little Lochloosa Lake. Beautiful 5,700-acre Lochlossa Lake stretches in front of him with moss-draped cypress lining the sandy shore. Surrounded by live oak trees and old growth cypress with almost no residential development, Lake Lochloosa ...
Cypress Lake
(Florida, USA)
12 Also known as: Lake Cypress
Cypress Lake, a 4097 acre expanse in Osceola County, is a prime vacation destination in central Florida.One of the lakes on the Kissimmee Waterway, Boat travelers can enjoy 56 miles of water, including Cypress Lake. Northernmost Lake Tohopekaliga and southernmost Lake Okeechobee connect the many lakes ...
Lake Arbuckle
(Florida, USA)
12 Lake Arbuckle Pictures Lake Arbuckle Message Forums A rarity among West-Central Florida lakes, Lake Arbuckle is a natural lake without shoreline development. The lake is not dammed, with the only outflow into Arbuckle Creek which empties into big Lake Istokpoga 17 miles downstream. A water control structure maintains lake levels on the larger lake, so ...
Lake Placid
(Florida, USA)
11 Lake Placid Pictures Lake Placid Message Forums Lake Placid is a large sandy-bottom, freshwater lake located in south central Florida. The lake is ideally located between the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts and less than two hours from all the major Orlando-based attractions. The area is teeming with lakes and natural beauty. In fact, the greater Lake ...
Lake Rosalie
(Florida, USA)
10 Lake Rosalie Pictures Lake Rosalie Message Forums Snowbird paradise. That describes Lake Rosalie in southern Polk County. This area in West Central Florida is the kind of place the northern transplant dreams of when planning the Florida vacation or winter destination. Located along the string of lakes and streams that make up the Kissimmee River water ...
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