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Fort Supply Lake, Oklahoma, USA

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Map: Fort Supply Lake, Oklahoma, USA

With 1,800 acres of clear water, Fort Supply Lake in Woodward County, Oklahoma is an outdoor enthusiast's ideal recreational area. The lake is located one mile south of the town of Fort Supply, in Oklahoma's Red Carpet Country. The area is characterized by huge mesas, gypsum sand dunes, and distinctive red dirt that give the region its name. Fort Supply Lake is close to restaurants, entertainment, and supply outlets, but isolated from the noise and congestion of population.

Built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1942 to provide flood control and conservation storage, Fort Supply Lake was named after the frontier military outpost Camp Supply, whose name was changed to Fort Supply in 1889. This historical fort was the base of several campaigns against the Cheyenne and Arapahos. General George A. Custer and the Seventh Cavalry left Fort Supply to battle the Cheyenne and allied tribes in the famous Battle of Washita on November 27, 1868. During this same time, cowboys frequented Fort Supply to restock their gear as they traveled on the legendary Western Cattle Trail, over which millions of horses and cattle were driven from Texas through Oklahoma to railroad stockyards in Kansas.

As the Native American wars ended and the need for a fort declined, the United States gave the old fort to the Territory of Oklahoma. In 1908, the Western State Hospital was established there to be the first mental hospital in Oklahoma. Realizing the historical significance of the Fort Supply area, in 1988 the state legislature declared the area as the Fort Supply Historic District. Today, visitors to the Fort Supply Historic Site can view five of the original fort buildings that have been restored and refinished with artifacts, photographs, and graphics that provide an insight into the life at Fort Supply.

Fort Supply Lake is a great destination for rest, relaxation and lots of fun. The Corps of Engineers operates two multi-use areas for overnight campers and those wishing to spend the day picnicking and soaking up the sun. After a mid-day picnic, lay out on the warm sandy beach or take a walk along the sand dunes on the east side of the lake, finally cooling off with a swim in Fort Supply Lake. Take time to stop by the Visitor Center located at Fort Supply Lake Office to view their displays of native animals, arrowheads, and historical artifacts.

There are several access points to Fort Supply Lake for boats, including Beaver Point and Supply Park, which are operated by the Corps of Engineers. With ample open shoreline, fishing from the bank of Fort Supply Lake allows you stretch out, enjoy the scenery, and perhaps snooze while you wait for the fish to take your bait. Crappie, walleye, white bass, hybrid bass, channel catfish, and flat head catfish all provide you with great fishing opportunities. Fort Supply Lake also boasts several handicap-accessible fishing piers.

With approximately 6,000 acres of public hunting land managed by the Corps of Engineers and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Fort Supply Lake is also a major hunting attraction. Open year-round and governed by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regulations, bobwhite quail, deer, bear, feral hogs, wild turkey, pheasant, dove, waterfowl, squirrel and rabbit can be hunted during the appropriate season. For some target practice or to "sight in" your weapons, there are shooting ranges on Fort Supply Lake.

Whether you choose an enjoyable picnic and swim, a day of hunting or fishing, or just a lazy day on the lake, Fort Supply Lake is sure to please.

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