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Frontier Country Lakes A-Z

Frontier Country Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Arcadia Lake Arcadia Lake Pictures Arcadia Lake is one of the Southwest's newest lakes. In the Frontier Country Region of central Oklahoma, forest meets grassland to create a unique area ...
Lake Hefner Lake Hefner Pictures The Hefner Dam was completed in 1947, creating a lake with a surface area of 2,500 acres and an 18 mile long shoreline. Located in northwest Oklahoma ...
Lake Overholser Lake Overholser Pictures Constructed in 1919, Lake Overholser is the oldest and smallest of three reservoirs that serve Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Connected to nearby Lake Hefner ...
Lake Stanley Draper Also known as: Lake Draper
Lake Stanley Draper is a big city lake in the big city! Formed in 1963 to provide a water source for Oklahoma City, Lake Draper has also proved to be ...
Lake Thunderbird Lake Thunderbird Pictures Also known as: Thunderbird Reservoir, Thunderbird Lake
No place could be better suited to recreation than Oklahoma's Lake Thunderbird. Located in the Frontier Country Region, Lake Thunderbird provides recreational ...
Sportsman Lake Sportsman Lake Pictures Sportsman Lake is a 354-acre flood control and recreation lake located east of the town of Seminole in central Oklahoma. Hidden in a 1400-acre wildlife ...
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