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Here are the 21 lakes we have listed within Germany - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
(Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
3,399 Mummelsee Pictures Mummelsee Message Forums Also known as: Mummel Lake
Legends swirl around Mummelsee (see=lake) in the northern Black Forest. The Black Forest, in Germany's Baden-Wurttemberg region, is a land of fairy tales and enchanted forests, and Mummelsee is a small jewel tucked away in the midst of the mystical land. Stories tell of the King of Mummelsee and his ...
(Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
3,051 Schluchsee Pictures Schluchsee Message Forums Also known as: Schluch Lake
Germany's southern Black Forest is a region with picturesque valleys, distinctive farmhouses and thick wooded mountains. Schluchsee (see=lake) stretches out over 1,270 acres in the middle of the Black Forest. With more than enough water for swimming, boating, and sailing, surrounded by all the attractions ...
(Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
2,815 Titisee Pictures Titisee Message Forums At 321 acres, Titisee or Titi Lake (see=lake) is the largest natural lake in Germany's Black Forest. It is a natural reservoir dammed by glacial moraine during the last ice age and extends about a mile long and on-half mile wide. Titisee has a maximum depth 131 feet and receives most of its water from ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
2,670 Alpsee Pictures Alpsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Alpsee
Beautiful Lake Alpsee in the Bavarian Alps is widely regarded as one of Germany's most picturesque vistas. The lake lies beneath Hohenschwangau Castle, the childhood home of King Ludwig II, among some of the most lovely peaks in southern Bavaria. The castle was built by King Maximilian II on the remains ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
2,380 Tegernsee Pictures Tegernsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Tegern
It is a picture perfect postcard with lush green meadows at the base of snow-capped mountains, and the blue water of Tegernsee (see=lake) is the center of this picturesque setting. Seated at the base of the foothills of the Austrian Alps in Upper Bavaria, Tegernsee or Tegern Lake has been drawing people ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,978 Konigssee Pictures Konigssee Message Forums Also known as: Konigssee Lake
For an authentic Bavarian Alps holiday, nothing quite compares to the Konigssee. Stretched below the east face of the famed Watzmann mountain range, narrow, deep and crystal-clear Konigssee offers spectacular views, exciting sports and luxury lodgings surrounded by history. The lake itself is a part ...
Lake Starnberg
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,967 Lake Starnberg Pictures Lake Starnberg Message Forums Also known as: Wurmsee, Starnberger See
Lake Starnberg, located in the Five-Lakes Region of Bavaria, plays a major role in the recreational plans of Munich residents. Located only 12 miles from Munich, the historic lake is a major tourism destination and home to many of Germany's well-to-do citizens. The second largest lake in Bavaria, Lake ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,837 Worthsee Message Forums Also known as: Worth Lake
"Gemuetlichkeit" is German for a certain kind of "Bavarian coziness," and it is an appropriate way to describe Worthsee (see=lake) or Worth Lake. Nestled in Upper Bavaria and set against the backdrop of the Alps, Worthsee is a 1,072-acre lake surrounded by quaint, picturesque villages. Easily accessible ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,710 Ammersee Pictures Ammersee Message Forums Also known as: Ammer Lake
Tucked away in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps in the land of beer, gardens, and fairytale castles, Ammersee (see =lake) shines like a jewel. Covering about 11,600 acres, Ammer Lake is conveniently located just 20 miles southwest of Munich, making it an ideal weekend getaway for city dwellers and ...
Lake Chiemsee
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,701 Lake Chiemsee Pictures Lake Chiemsee Message Forums Lake Chiemsee is the crown jewel of Bavaria's tourist region. Located about half-way between Munich and Salzburg, Austria, Lake Chiemsee has been a favored destination since the days of Roman occupation of the area. This large glacial lake contains almost 20,000 acres and is often called the Bavarian ...
Altmuhl Lake
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,352 Altmuhl Lake Message Forums Also known as: Altmuhlsee
Sprawling across the heart of Bavaria in a land more comfortable measuring time in millennia than years, Altmuhl Lake (Altmuhlsee in German) is a recently added treasure. The lake adds 1,112 acres of water for outdoor enjoyment and wildlife to a region already rich in recreation opportunities. Nestled ...
Lake Constance
(Vorarlberg, Austria / Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany / St. Gallen, Switzerland / Thurgau, Switzerland)
1,296 Lake Constance Pictures Lake Constance Message Forums Also known as: Lake of Constance, Lake Bodensee
Lake Constance is a 132,448-acre lake situated in the northern foothills of the Alps between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The third-largest lake in central Europe in terms of total area, the scenery around Lake Constance is of striking beauty, with its sloping banks, green orchards and vineyards, ...
Roth Lake
(Bavaria, Germany)
1,276 Roth Lake Pictures Roth Lake Message Forums Also known as: Rothsee
Children play at the beach on the shores of Roth Lake, while harried parents let the sun melt their cares away. In the background sailboats glide across the surface of the lake, and windsurfers dart back and forth trying to catch any available breeze. Roth Lake (Rothsee in German) is part of the Franconian ...
(Hesse, Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
1,230 Diemelsee Message Forums The children ran ahead giggling and pushing past each other to race to the top, but she's finally caught up to them, the break in the trees revealing their sandy heads and the breathtaking view over Diemelsee (see=lake). Even the children are momentarily stilled by the beautiful expanse of water stretching ...
(North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
1,001 Biggesee Pictures Biggesee Message Forums Also known as: Bigge Reservoir, Bigge Lake, Listersee
Surrounded by the Ebbegebirge Nature Park, Biggesee (see = lake) is the largest reservoir in Germany's North Rhine- Westphalia region. Bigge Lake was created for water supply, flood control and water regulation, and it has become a valuable recreation resource in the heart of the Sauerland. Drawn ...
(Hesse, Germany)
892 Twistesee Message Forums Also known as: Twiste Lake
A 1965 flood in the Hesse region of Germany caused millions of dollars of damage around the Twiste, Diemel and Wesser Rivers, painfully illustrating the need for Twistesee (see=lake). The water storage reservoir was created for flood control and to generate hydroelectric power. It is an impoundment ...
(Hesse, Germany)
804 Edersee Pictures Edersee Message Forums Also known as: Ederstausee, Lake Edersee, Eder Reservoir
The jewel of the Hesse Region of Germany, the Edersee (see=lake) draws holiday visitors like a magnet. The large reservoir, created by damming the Eder River near Waldeck, is a watery paradise to the thousands of lakelubbers who arrive here each year. The 2,900+-acre lake offers all types of holiday ...
(Bavaria, Germany)
310 Brombachsee Pictures Brombachsee Message Forums Also known as: Lake Brombach, Brombach Lake, Brombachsee Lake, Brombachvorsperre
As the largest lake in the man-made Franconian Lake District, Brombachsee--also known as Lake Brombach or Brombachvorsperre--is an impressive and popular destination. This lake covers more than 3,100 acres with a maximum depth of 105 feet (32 meters). Brombachsee was created in 2000 to control area ...
Lake Muritz
(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)
203 Lake Muritz Pictures Lake Muritz Message Forums Also known as: Muritzsee
The jewel of Germany's Mecklenburg Lake District, Muritz is the largest inland lake entirely within the country. The 29,000-acre lake was formed at the same time as the other hundreds of lakes in the area; the last glacier gouged out the many depressions in the flat landscape that became the famed 'Lake ...
Mecklenburg Lakeland
(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)
203 Mecklenburg Lakeland Pictures Mecklenburg Lakeland Message Forums Also known as: Mecklenburg Lakes, Mechlenburg Lake Plains
The Mecklenburg Lakeland covers a large portion of Germany's Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Region. The primarily flat countryside is dotted with over 1000 lakes, rivers and streams, many connected by canals and navigable waterways. Stretching east to the border with Poland and north to the Baltic Coast, this ...
Steinhuder Meer
(Lower Saxony, Germany)
115 Steinhuder Meer Pictures Steinhuder Meer Message Forums Also known as: Lake Steinhude
The largest lake in Lower Saxony, Lake Steinhude, or Steinhuder Meer as it is usually called, is a favored recreational spot just 25 miles from Hanover. The natural spring-fed lake is about 7,200 acres, yet averages only four feet in depth. Named for the formerly sleepy fishing village on its southeast ...


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