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Green Hill Pond, Rhode Island, USA

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Map: Green Hill Pond, Rhode Island, USA

Green Hill Pond is part of the Salt Ponds Region along Rhode Island's southern shore. The pond is located between the communities of South Kingstown and Charlestown in Washington County. This coastal lagoon was formed and continuously reformed by the interaction of coastal processes such as erosion, sediment transport, and gradually rising sea levels. Waters rise and spill into depressions creating estuaries, and as sand accumulates it forms a beach barrier. The pond is connected to Ninigret Pond, another salt pond, by a small channel under Creek Bridge. Green Hill Pond also has inflowing tributaries such as Factory Brook and Teal Brook, two freshwater streams that enter the northwestern part of the pond. Teal Brook connects Green Hill Pond to Teal Pond via a small rock-lined channel. With access to many bodies of water and beachfronts, Green Hill Pond is a vacationer's paradise.

Green Hill Pond is a low-lying shallow body of water with an average depth of 3 feet. Visitors are welcome to boat, kayak, canoe, and fish the beautiful lagoon. The pond has an irregular shoreline dotted with coves that are irresistible when it comes to exploring. Many small islands, rocky outcroppings, and inflowing creeks create an interesting environment. Several fish species inhabit the pond such as whitefish, smelt, winter flounder, and northern pike. You can also find shellfish such as clams, quahogs, blue crabs, eel, and bay scallops in the area. Unfortunately heavy development has decreased the water quality. The Salt Pond Coalition observes the water quality and monitors its continued public use in shellfish harvesting, consumption, recreation, and wildlife habitats. Many steps are being taken to improve the water quality like storm water treatment, nitrogen-reducing home wastewater systems, and dredging.

The surrounding area of Green Hill Pond is a combination of wooded areas and summer colonies. The southern border is a barrier beach with extensive salt marshes that provide an excellent opportunity for birding. The Charlestown Breach-way Beach provides family fun with a guarded beach and close fishing opportunities. Campsites are available for recreational vehicle camping. Windsurfing, swimming, and beach walking are just a few things to do at Charlestown Beach. Just further east of the beach is the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge. With 400 acres of federally maintained grasslands, brush and shrub, uplands, freshwater ponds, and salt marsh, you are sure to see a variety of wildlife. The refuge used to be a Naval Auxiliary landing field during World War II and is rich in history. An interpretive "trails through time" route passes through the refuge containing remnants of the numerous runways, taxi-ways, and buildings that supported the war effort. Ninigret Park is also nearby and offers groomed nature trails for hiking and biking, as well as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and baseball opportunities.

The Perry Creek Access Way is a great place to spend the day. It is a small tidal creek that connects Green Hill Pond and Ninigret Pond. Small water crafts and kayaks can glide along its shallow waters. On the north side of the creek is a small area with a concession stand, bait shop, ramp, small boat docks, and a good view of Ninigret Pond. Green Hill Pond is an excellent place to plan a vacation. With ample vacation rentals and real estate properties for sale, it will make your trip the stay of a lifetime.

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