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Grenada Lake, Mississippi, USA

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Map: Grenada Lake, Mississippi, USA

Grenada Lake, located northeast of Grenada in Mississippi's Hill Region, is the largest body of water lying completely within the state. With 35,820 acres of surface water and 148 miles of shoreline in the summer, Grenada Lake is an excellent place for boating, camping, swimming, water skiing, fishing, or just relaxing on the beach.

Designed to help control flooding along the Yazoo River Basin, Grenada Lake was constructed by impounding the Yalobusha River. When the levees broke along the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers during the Great Flood of 1927, Federal legislation approved the Mississippi River Basin Flood Control Project. As part of the project, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction of Grenada Dam. Completed in 1954, Grenada Dam now stands 256 feet high and stretches a little over 2.6 miles. In order to protect the Mississippi Delta from spring flooding, Grenada Lake is lowered to 193 feet above sea level during winter months, providing storage for spring rains. During the recreational season from May to September, the lake level is scheduled to remain at 215 feet above sea level. In addition to flood control, Grenada Lake provides conservation of fish and wildlife, proper stewardship of forests, and recreation.

Deep forest, rolling green hills, and sandy beaches are the settings for the 25 recreation areas around Grenada Lake. Amenities include 254 picnic sites, 300 campsites, 16 boat ramps, and 6 swimming beaches. Visitors will also find softball fields, lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, and playgrounds. One of the popular recreation areas is the Hugh White State Park. It includes the Dogwoods Golf Course, an 18 holes golf course with a spectacular view of Grenada Lake.

When visitors are not in the water, they can visit local attractions such as Confederate Cemetery off of Highway 51. It is the site of 180 graves which belong to unknown Confederate soldiers. The Yellow Fever Cemetery, a historical landmark to the Yellow Fever epidemic, is another place of interest. The Grenada Lake Visitor Center, maintained and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has an observation deck that overlooks the lake, and includes eight exhibit areas that educate visitors about the history, wildlife and fisheries of the area.

The Haserway Wetland Demonstration Area at Grenada Lake is the USA's first public-use wetland demonstration area. The 330-acre wetland is dedicated to the protection of our environment and natural resources. Public use on this land is subject to specified restrictions, and no development is allowed to protect the wetlands. This area is also closed to hunting. Many animals may be spotted in this area such as the white-tail deer, beaver, bobcats, fox, gray squirrels, ducks, wild turkeys and more. Other wildlife management areas include Grenada Wildlife Management Area, Quail Unlimited Demonstration area, and the Benwood Waterfowl Management Area.

Two popular events hosted at Grenada Lake are the National Fox Hunt and the annual "Thunder on Water". "Thunder on Water" is a safe boating festival that features a lighted boat parade, children's fishing rodeo, boat races, antique car show and carnival.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Grenada Lake while enjoying many fun activities. Whether it is catching one of Grenada Lake's trophy size crappies, or just relaxing at one of the beaches, there is something for everyone at Mississippi's Grenada Lake.

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