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Here are the 18 lakes we have listed within USA > West > California > High Sierra - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Monarch Lakes
(California, USA)
10,600 Monarch Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Monarch Lake, Lower Monarch Lake
Upper and Lower Monarch Lake grace the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Sequoia National Park. An elevation climb to 10,600 feet takes you past breathtaking views of Sawtooth Peak, Mineral Peak and Mineral King Valley to Upper Monarch Lake. Formed by a dam built in the early 1900s, ...
Mammoth Lakes
(California, USA)
8,967 Mammoth Lakes Pictures Mammoth Lakes Message Forums Mammoth Lakes, in California's High Sierras Region, is something of a misnomer. There is no lake named Mammoth. Instead, a group of small lakes southwest of the town of Mammoth Lakes, in a geological formation called the Mammoth Lakes Basin, lies beneath Mammoth Mountain. The lakes - Lake Mary, Lake ...
June Lake
(California, USA)
7,621 June Lake Pictures June Lake Message Forums With Yosemite to the west, Kings Canyon to the south, Lake Tahoe to the north and Nevada to the east, there is no place to vacation like June Lake. Located in California's Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, June Lake borders the unincorporated resort community of June Lake Village. The village and four ...
Angora Lakes
(California, USA)
7,450 Angora Lakes Pictures Angora Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Angora Lake, Lower Angora Lake
Tiny Angora Lakes in California's High Sierra region are a delight to the senses. These beautiful twin alpine lakes surrounded by rocky cliffs grace a glacial basin south of Lake Tahoe that is visited by thousands every year. That's a lot of visitors for lakes that cannot be reached by car. In truth, ...
Lake Alpine
(California, USA)
7,306 Lake Alpine Pictures Lake Alpine Message Forums A lovely gem set among California's High Sierra mountains, Lake Alpine beckons the outdoor fan looking for solitude. The lake is a reservoir created when the Lake Alpine Dam was built across Silver Creek. The reservoir acts as a water regulation and storage basin for hydroelectric power generation ...
Huntington Lake
(California, USA)
6,950 Huntington Lake Pictures Huntington Lake is located high in the Sierra Mountain Range, just below the Alpine level, at 6,950 feet. The lake covers 1,435 acres and extends 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. With 14 miles of shoreline, Huntington Lake offers abundant year-round activities. Hiking, camping, cycling, horseback riding, ...
Crowley Lake
(California, USA)
6,781 Crowley Lake Pictures Crowley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Long Valley Reservoir, Lake Crowley
Crowley Lake is known for excellent trout fishing in California's High Sierras region. Before construction of the Long Valley Dam in 1941, few trout existed in the Owens River. After the new reservoir filled with water, trout planted by California's Department of Fish and Wildlife grew into an excellent ...
Mono Lake
(California, USA)
6,382 Mono Lake Pictures Mono Lake, located in California's Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, has a long and rich history dating back to its formation over 760,000 years ago. Sediments below the lake's surface indicate that Mono Lake might be a leftover of an earlier, larger lake. Today, Mono Lake is fed from melting runoff ...
Fallen Leaf Lake
(California, USA)
6,377 Fallen Leaf Lake Pictures Fallen Leaf Lake Message Forums Travelers who enjoy the splendor of Lake Tahoe might never be aware of the smaller but very beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake that is located just one mile south in El Dorado County, California. This glacial freshwater lake, at 2.9 miles (4.6 kilometers) long and 0.9 miles (1.4 kilometers) wide, is the second ...
Lake Tahoe
(California, USA / Nevada, USA)
6,225 Lake Tahoe Pictures Tucked into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and straddling the California-Nevada state line, Lake Tahoe is one of the most famous lakes in the United States. It's the second deepest lake in the country (only Crater Lake in Oregon is deeper), and was home to the area's 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics. ...
Pinecrest Lake
(California, USA)
5,610 Pinecrest Lake Pictures Pinecrest Lake Message Forums Also known as: Pinecrest Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, Strawberry Flat, Edna Lake, Lake Edna
Surrounded by the stately pines of Stanislaus National Forest and rocky terrain of California's High Sierras, Pinecrest Lake attracts well over 600,000 visitors to its shores each year. With Yosemite National Park found 20 miles to the southeast, Lake Tahoe 70 miles to the north and San Francisco 180 ...
Sequoia Lake
(California, USA)
5,341 Sequoia Lake Pictures Sequoia Lake Message Forums Sequoia Lake is a recreational lake on private land within Kings Canyon National Park in Fresno County, California. Part of the High Sierra Region, Sequoia Lake is a great place for camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking. With its close proximity to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, ...
Hume Lake
(California, USA)
5,200 Hume Lake Pictures Hume Lake Message Forums Also known as: Hume Reservoir
Fifty miles east of busy Fresno, California, Hume Lake awaits. One of the best-loved scenic lakes within the Sequoia National Forest, little Hume Lake has been welcoming visitors since it was created in 1908. The world's first multi-arched concrete dam was built across Tenmile Creek in the southern ...
Donnells Reservoir
(California, USA)
4,913 Donnells Reservoir Pictures Donnells Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Donnells Lake, Donnell Lake
Donnells Reservoir is one of the Central Sierra's most picturesque lakes. Sometimes called Donnell Lake, it has its own dedicated viewing location and is often seen but seldom visited. The miles-long reservoir flooding a portion of the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River lies between steep granite ...
Cherry Lake
(California, USA)
4,703 Cherry Lake Pictures Also known as: Cherry Creek Reservoir
Creation of Cherry Lake and the Tuolumne River watershed was a cooperative effort among the city and county of San Francisco, the Modesto and Turlock Irrigation Districts, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. San Francisco's search for additional water supplies dates back to 1882, when the Hetch Hetchy ...
Bass Lake
(California, USA)
3,376 Bass Lake Pictures Also known as: Crane Valley Reservoir
Snuggled into the heart of the Sierra National Forest and located at the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park, Bass Lake enjoys an ideal California location. This 1165-acre lake has been designated an official Recreation Area by the U.S. Forest Service, with campgrounds and picnic areas on the ...
Beardsley Lake
(California, USA)
3,315 Beardsley Lake Pictures Beardsley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Beardsley Reservior, Beardsley Lake Reservoir
Nearly 60 years ago, the effort to provide water to the orchards and farms in California's Central Valley brought about the creation of beautiful Beardsley Lake. The artificial reservoir in the Stanislaus National Forest filled with water after construction of a dam across the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus ...
Lake Isabella
(California, USA)
2,585 Lake Isabella Pictures Also known as: Isabella Reservoir
Lake Isabella is an 11,200 acre reservoir in Kern County, California, about 35 miles northeast of Bakersfield. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created the lake, also known as Isabella Reservoir, in 1953 for flood control along the Kern River, irrigation water storage, and hydroelectric generation. ...


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