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Highlands & Moray Lakes A-Z

Highlands & Moray Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Loch Assynt Loch Assynt Pictures Hidden away in a remote corner of Northwestern Scotland, Loch Assynt offers a scenic vista consisting of nearly 2,000 acres of sparkling cold waters, ...
Loch Duich Loch Duich Pictures Mysterious and romantic, beautiful Loch Duich holds a special place in the history and hearts of Scotland's West Highlands. Loch Duich featured prominently ...
Loch Ericht Loch Ericht Pictures Also known as: Lake Ericht
Hidden in the shadow of Ben Alder Munro or Mountain, Loch Ericht is a beautiful freshwater lake on the border between Perth and Kinross and the Highlands ...
Loch Maree Loch Maree Pictures Remote, desolate, historic, beautiful: all of these describe Loch Maree. Located in the Highlands and Morey Region of Northwestern Scotland, Loch Maree ...
Loch Morar Loch Morar Pictures The deepest loch in the western Highlands of Scotland is beautiful Loch Morar. Gouged from the rock by glaciers, this water body reaches the extreme depth ...
Loch Ness Loch Ness Pictures In the Scottish Highlands, the air is clear. The mountains roll on and on, like large lumbering animals. Breathtaking glens, left by the cutting passage ...
Loch Shiel Loch Shiel Pictures Also known as: Loch Seile
Surrounded by one of the few remaining areas of true wilderness in Scotland, the picturesque scenery around Scotland's Loch Shiel has been featured in ...
Loch Shin Loch Shin Pictures Loch Shin is a long and narrow glacial lake located in County Sutherland, part of the Scottish Highlands. This freshwater loch measures about 17.5 miles ...
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