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Hitchcock Lake, Connecticut, USA

Also known as: Lake Hitchcock

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Map: Hitchcock Lake, Connecticut, USA

She wakes up and jumps out of bed. It takes her a moment to realize it's Saturday, and she doesn't have to be at work. She smiles to herself but gets up anyway, taking her coffee out on to the deck of her home on Hitchcock Lake. It will be a few hours before the kids wake up and want to play in the water; for now, the beauty of the lake and woods are hers alone.

Hitchcock Lake is located a few miles east of Waterbury where Connecticut's Litchfield Hills region meets the River Valley and Greater New Haven regions. Hitchcock Lake was hand dug in 1890 on land that was part of an orchard. Actually two lakes separated by a bridge, they have a combined surface area of 110 acres. Both lakes are spring-fed with an average depth of around ten feet, and both the north lake and south lake are very clean. Hitchcock Lake on Southington Mountain is not related to the glacial Lake Hitchcock that followed the path of the Connecticut River. Stretching 175 miles from Connecticut through Vermont, glacial Lake Hitchcock was left behind after the Laurentide Ice Sheet retreated leaving moraine dams in its wake. The glacial lake disappeared about 12,000 years ago.

Owned by the Wolcott Land Conservation Trust and managed by the Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association (HLIA), Hitchcock Lake near Wolcott is a private lake community. Only property owners have boat access and can canoe, kayak and even water ski on the lake. There is also catch and release fishing for the lake's catfish and largemouth bass. A beach on the south lake has public access for swimming, but there is no boat or fishing access for anyone other than property owners.

The Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association manages water levels on the lake and draws down the water periodically for maintenance. The lake has residential development, and about 350 homes are tucked in along its wooded shore. There are a few vacation rentals, but most residents live on Hitchcock Lake year round. The lake sits on the borders of Wolcott, Southington, Waterbury and Cheshire and is under a half an hour from Hartford and New Haven. Any of the towns and cities would be an easy commute from the lake, and there is easy access to any amenity a resident might need. Shops, restaurants and museums are all a short drive from Hitchcock Lake. In fact, the Wolcott Historical Society has its museum in the Old Stone Schoolhouse just a few miles from the lake. Built around 1821, it is the oldest stone schoolhouse in Connecticut. In addition to Litchfield Hills, Hitchcock Lake borders both the River Valley and Greater New Haven Regions of Connecticut.

It started with cabins and cottages around Hitchcock Lake, most of which are gone now, replaced with larger permanent homes. The lake still retains its charm, however, and with its beautiful, clean spring water and private community it is the perfect place for a Connecticut home.

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Hitchcock Lake


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