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Here are the 2 lakes we have listed within Iceland - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Thingvallavatn
(Southwest Iceland, Iceland)
20,757 Lake Thingvallavatn Pictures Lake Thingvallavatn Message Forums Also known as: Lake Thingvalla
Lake Thingvallavatn (Icelandic), also known as Lake Thingvalla (English) is the largest natural lake in Iceland, boasting a surface area of 20,757 acres and a maximum depth of 374 feet. The northern tip of the lake is situated within the first of the country's four national parks: Thingvellir National ...
Skorradalsvatn Lake
(West Iceland, Iceland)
3,632 Skorradalsvatn Lake Pictures Skorradalsvatn Lake Message Forums Also known as: Skorradal Lake, Lake Skorradalsvatn
Skorradalsvatn Lake is a small, elongated lake nestled in the glacial valley of Skorradalur. The body of water is about nine miles long and a half-mile wide, with a surface area of 3,632 acres and a maximum depth of 157 feet. Located in the country's West Iceland tourism region, Skorradal Lake is ...
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