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Ilawa Lakeland, Warmia-Masuria, Poland

Also known as: Ilawa Lake District

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Map: Ilawa Lakeland, Warmia-Masuria, Poland

Situated in northern Poland, the Ilawa Lakeland has over 40 lakes and nearly 65 miles of trails. The Ilawa Lake District is well known for having sparkling lakes, enchanting forests, and quaint cities. Just west of the Masurian Lake District, Ilawa is less populated than Masuria and is the perfect getaway for those who seek tranquility. The area also sports an exciting canal system with historical roots that date back to the 1800s. With ample vacation rentals and real estate properties for sale, the Ilawa Lakeland will cater to those seeking temporary and permanent getaways.

One of the main attractions in the Ilawa Lakeland is Lake Jeziorak, the longest lake in Poland. The lake is 17 miles in length and has a surface area of nearly 8,000 acres. With a maximum depth of 43 feet, Lake Jeziorak is an excellent spot for fishing, boating, canoeing, and kayaking. Jeziorak, with its multitude of islands, bays, peninsulas, and hidden nooks, offers versatile landscape and sailing conditions. Not to be overshadowed, the other lakes in the area also offer the same recreational activities as well as spectacular views. Anglers will reel in zander, pike, eel, tench, carp, bream or even lamprey. Thanks to clean waters and few tourists, the lakes and rivers are full of fish. The water and woods surrounding the Ilawa Lakeland offer huge possibilities for anglers and lovers of mushrooming.

Wildlife and birding enthusiasts alike will enjoy the Ilawa Forest Landscape Park. Stretching out over 31 lakes, this park is an extensive complex of forests. The forests are dominated by pine, beech, alder carr, and near the lake shores reedbeds and bogs. Bicyclers, hikers, and horseback riders are all welcome to explore the picturesque paths through the woods. The park is also a bird refuge of European importance, primarily thanks to the corncrakes that nest in the area. White-tailed eagles, osprey, kites, and other birds take advantage of the numerous lakes to prey on fish. Birds of prey such as the lesser spotted eagle and honey-buzzard find the vast forests with old trees a perfect haven. Hilly in the north and flat in the south, Ilawa Forest offers a wide variety of flora. With over 800 species of plants, many of them protected, the forest is a magnificent site to see. Visit during the warmer months to listen to the birds sing and take in the extraordinary views.

Named one of the "Seven Wonders of Poland," the Elblag Canal is considered to be one of the most significant monuments related to the history of technology. The canal was first opened in 1860 to transport goods and was refurbished in 1948 for recreational purposes. Elblag Canal is nearly 50 miles long and uses a system of slipways, locks, dams, and safety gates to transport tourists through idyllic countryside. Unlike any other cruise in the world, the boats travel part water and part land. Wide-gauge railway carriages and inclined planes transport boats uphill on dry land between canals. Most of the port facilities belong to industrial companies that are operated by pilots from dawn to dusk. The canal can accommodate sailboats and small yachts. Flocks of storks and European kingfishers combined with eye-catching water lilies make this cruise unforgettable.

The towns in and around the Ilawa Lakeland have plenty to offer. With authentic Polish cuisine and cozy holiday homes, the Ilawa Lakeland is great place to experience something new. This part of Poland is rich in history. The town of Milomlyn has 14th century walls and gothic bell towers. Medieval churches with well-preserved frescoes are found in the town of Susz. Ostrada hosts an annual reggae that pulsates with color and a friendly atmosphere. The 700 year old town of Ilawa is located at the southern tip of Jeziorak and has eclectic neo-gothic buildings that are a must-see.

Take the time to plan a visit to the Ilawa Lakeland and you will be greeted with a warm welcome and memories that will last a lifetime.

[Lake statistics represent Lake Jeziorak only.]

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