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Here are the 55 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Illinois - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Crystal Lake
(Illinois, USA)
890 Crystal Lake Pictures Crystal Lake Message Forums Crystal Lake, in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois, is a water playground surrounded by a decidedly urban landscape. Located in the Chicago Northwest suburbs, Crystal Lake is easy to get to and a great place to live. An easy commute via train makes Crystal Lake the ideal spot for a working vacation. ...
Lake Zurich
(Illinois, USA)
843 Lake Zurich Pictures Lake Zurich Message Forums Also known as: Cedar Lake
Lake Zurich is a charming private lake conveniently located 35 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois and approximately 50 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Covering 250 acres, this small lake offers all the advantages of lakeside living in the growing urban environment of the Chicagoland region. With ...
Wonder Lake
(Illinois, USA)
803 Wonder Lake Pictures Wonder Lake Message Forums Wonder Lake is the 830-acre centerpiece of a planned lakefront community in the Chicagoland area of Illinois. That was the vision of developers in 1929 when they built a small dam across Nippersink Creek 50 miles northwest of the Loop. The lake is home to several thousand residents and their guests ...
Apple Canyon Lake
(Illinois, USA)
801 Apple Canyon Lake Pictures Apple Canyon Lake Message Forums Set among the rolling hills and fertile farmland of far northwestern Illinois, life at Apple Canyon Lake is an eternal vacation. Located in scenic Jo Daviess County, this private lake sits five miles southeast of Charles Mound, Illinois' highest natural peak at 1,235 feet. Only miles south of the Wisconsin ...
Elizabeth Lake
(Illinois, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
793 Elizabeth Lake Pictures Elizabeth Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Elizabeth, Twin Lakes
Lake Elizabeth or Elizabeth Lake, as it is more commonly known, has been a vacation getaway for over 150 years. Located in the Northern Region of Illinois and the Lake Michigan Region of Wisconsin, Elizabeth Lake is one of a pair of lakes along the Illinois-Wisconsin border that are often referred to ...
Gages Lake
(Illinois, USA)
780 Gages Lake Message Forums Gages Lake, in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois, is the perfect example of why those "in the know" love Lake County. USNews recently listed the Gages Lake area as one of the "Best Places" to live, with low housing costs, low crime and high per capita income. Only 37 miles from downtown Chicago, Gages ...
Highland Lake
(Illinois, USA)
778 Highland Lake Pictures Highland Lake Message Forums If you've ever dreamed of leaving the city on Friday night and quickly arriving at a lakefront piece of heaven, then Highland Lake is just the place for you. Part of the Illinois Chain of Lakes in the Chicagoland Region, Highland Lake is only 50 miles from downtown Chicago and 55 miles from Milwaukee. ...
Deep Lake
(Illinois, USA)
777 Deep Lake Message Forums Even in a county with hundreds of lakes, Deep Lake stands out. Located in Lake County, in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois, private Deep Lake is noted as one of the cleanest, clearest lakes in the watershed. The lake lies only 50 miles north of the Chicago Loop and just five miles east of the Fox ...
Bangs Lake
(Illinois, USA)
766 Bangs Lake Message Forums Bangs Lake is a natural glacial lake located in northeastern Illinois' Lake County. Bangs Lake is surrounded by the developing northern suburbs of Chicago and found in the Chicagoland Tourism Region. A small portion of Bangs Lake's northern shore remains unincorporated, but the majority of the 306-acre ...
Third Lake and Druce Lake
(Illinois, USA)
765 Third Lake and Druce Lake Pictures Third Lake and Druce Lake Message Forums Also known as: Chittenden Lake and Second Lake
The Village of Third Lake, located north of Chicago, is one of those secret locations that blends life in the big city with outdoor amenities. Small Druce Lake, named after Alexander Druce who came from New York state to purchase property in 1844, was originally called 'Second Lake". Just west of Druce ...
Crooked Lake
(Illinois, USA)
761 Crooked Lake Pictures Crooked Lake Message Forums In a landscape dotted by glacial lakes and wetlands, Crooked Lake is in the aptly named Lake County of Illinois. Situated in the Chicagoland tourist region, it is where nature's beauty meets good old fashioned American fun. Surrounded by the sprawling schemes of subdivisions and the wetlands, forest, ...
Antioch Lake
(Illinois, USA)
754 Antioch Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Antioch
Antioch Lake is a privately owned lake offering lakeside luxury within commuting distance of Chicago or Milwaukee. Located in Antioch Township in far northeastern Illinois, Antioch Lake rests at the northern end of the Chicago Metropolitan Area and within Illinois' Chicagoland Tourism Region. Home to ...
Channel Lake
(Illinois, USA)
737 Channel Lake Message Forums Also known as: Fox Chain O'Lakes
Over 7,000 acres of water make up the lakes in the Fox Chain O'Lakes in northeastern Illinois. With almost 500 shoreline miles lined with vacation rentals, resorts, and restaurants, the Chain draws almost 60,000 visitors on summer weekends. The entire Fox Chain O'Lakes is navigable with hundreds of ...
Dunns Lake
(Illinois, USA)
737 Dunns Lake Message Forums Also known as: Fox Chain O'Lakes
If a vacation on the Fox River Chain of Lakes appeals to you, Dunns Lake in the Chicagoland Region is just the ticket. This small lake, reached via a short channel from Nippersink Lake, is just far enough from the main lakes to be reasonably quiet but close enough to that you won't miss a thing. Compared ...
Long Lake
(Illinois, USA)
735 Long Lake Pictures Long Lake Message Forums Also known as: Fox Chain O'Lakes
Located 40 miles northwest of Chicago, the Fox Chain O'Lakes is one of the most popular inland water sport destinations in the state of Illinois. The Fox Chain O'Lakes is made up of 15 beautiful lakes interconnected by the Fox River and a series of channels. Long Lake, one of the smaller and more secluded ...
Griswold Lake
(Illinois, USA)
733 Griswold Lake Pictures Griswold Lake Message Forums Also known as: Griswald Lake, Fox Chain O'Lakes
Griswold Lake is located in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois near Holiday Hills. The northern shore of Griswold Lake was first developed in the 1930s and featured rustic cabins that residents of Chicago used for their summer vacations. Then in the 1940s, the hustle and bustle of Chicago led people ...
Fox Lake
(Illinois, USA)
732 Fox Lake Pictures Fox Lake Message Forums Also known as: Nippersink Lake, Fox Chain O'Lakes
Located north of Chicago in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois, Fox Lake is part of the Fox River Chain of Lakes. The Fox River Chain consists of nine large and several smaller bodies of water including a stretch of the Fox River. The hydrologically connected chain of lakes, just south of the Wisconsin ...
Pistakee Lake
(Illinois, USA)
732 Pistakee Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Pistakee, Fox Chain O'Lakes
Pistakee Lake is a well-known destination to generations of Chicago area Lakelubbers. Located on the famous Fox River Chain of Lakes in the Chicagoland Region of Illinois, Pistakee Lake has been welcoming visitors since the mid 1800s. The southernmost large lake in a chain of lakes stretching north ...
Evergreen Lake
(Illinois, USA)
716 Evergreen Lake Pictures Evergreen Lake Message Forums Also known as: Evergreen Reservoir
One of Central Illinois' best-kept secret lies just north of Bloomington: Evergreen Lake. When the growing city needed additional water supply in 1971, Six Mile Creek was dammed to create new Evergreen Lake. Then, needing even more water storage, the dam was enlarged in 1995. The resulting 900-acre ...
Fyre Lake
(Illinois, USA)
712 Fyre Lake Message Forums A musical artist may have made Fire Lake famous, but he didn't know about Fyre Lake! Located in the Western Region of Illinois a few miles south of the Quad Cities, Fyre Lake is a private residential development. It includes three man-made lakes on the rolling Illinois prairie. The largest, Fyre Lake ...
Lake Galena
(Illinois, USA)
710 Lake Galena Message Forums Also known as: Galena Lake, Galena Reservoir
Tucked in a corner of the Northern Region of Illinois, Lake Galena presents one of the finest examples of a well-planned manmade lake. Galena Reservoir, as it is also known, was created when developers dammed Smallpox River with an eye toward building an exclusive residential complex. With foresight ...
Clinton Lake
(Illinois, USA)
690 Also known as: Clinton Reservoir
Travel to central Illinois and you'll find Clinton Lake, a 4,900 acre lake just 3 miles east of Clinton. Though the lake was originally built as a cooling tank for the Clinton Nuclear Generation Station, the reservoir pulls double duty as one of the area's premier vacation destinations. Open since ...
Kellart Lake
(Illinois, USA)
656 Kellart Lake Message Forums For a select and lucky few, Kellart Lake is a scenic and peaceful retreat. An hour and a half from Chicago, 45 minutes from Bloomington, Champaign and Kankakee, and two miles from Cissna Park in southeast Illinois, this 65-acre lake provides a tree-lined paradise in the middle of remote Iroquois County. Kellart ...
Little Swan Lake
(Illinois, USA)
656 Little Swan Lake Message Forums Little Swan Lake is a private community tucked away in the quiet atmosphere of rural Warren County in west central Illinois. Property owners and their guests can enjoy a number of water related activities to include fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, ice fishing, and ice skating on 225-acre Little ...
Heritage Lake
(Illinois, USA)
654 Heritage Lake Message Forums Also known as: Maraldo Lake
Originally named Maraldo Lake, Heritage Lake is a private 85-acre, man-made lake located just east of the town of Mackinaw on the border of Illinois' western and central tourism regions. Development on Heritage Lake began in 1969. Some of the first structures were small weekend and vacation cottages. ...


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