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Indian Lake, Pennsylvania, USA

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Map: Indian Lake, Pennsylvania, USA

Indian Lake is a freshwater man-made lake shaped like a horseshoe, located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It is part of the state's Laurel Highlands, an elevated region known for its extraordinary mountain landscapes and hilly terrain. As a private lake, only vacationers, property owners and their guests are permitted to enjoy the innate beauty and varied pastimes that this lake has to offer.

Indian Lake is fed by two streams: Calender Run and Clear Run. The lake has a surface area of about 500 acres and 20 miles of shoreline. It features an average depth of 40 feet, and bottom soil that was formed from shale, sandstone, and siltstone bedrock. To the south lies Lake Stonycreek, which looks like an upside-down letter "Y" attached to its horseshoe-shaped neighbor. The two bodies of water are separated by the 900-foot long Lake Stonycreek Dam, an earth embankment with a maximum height of 31 feet.

Exciting recreational activities at Indian Lake include tubing, hiking, bird watching, water skiing, swimming, and fishing for bass and brown trout. For extreme thrill seekers, wake boarding, water skiing, and exploring the 3,000-acre ATV park (conveniently located right next door to Indian Lake) are riveting alternatives. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hunting, and ice fishing are extremely popular between the months of January and March, when the lake tends to freeze solid.

Indian Lake is well known for being the closest location to the crash site of the infamous Flight 93, one of the planes that was tragically highjacked on 9/11. Just west of the lake lies the Flight 93 National Memorial. This is the only national park in the country designated to honor those who were lost in the attack. Previously a coal mine, the 2,220-acre preserve features a fence decorated with memorabilia and tributes, as well as recorded archives documenting what happened through the eyes of victims' friends and family members.

Also in Indian Lake's vicinity is the Quecreek Mine Rescue Site, where nine miners were miraculously rescued in 2002 after spending 77 hours roughly 240 feet below the earth's surface. Just 20 miles from the lake you'll find the Somerset Historical Center, which shows all of the changes the Pennsylvania farming industry has experienced over the last two centuries. Here, a number of antique houses are on display (complete with original tools and furniture dating back to the 1800s). Shawnee State Park is another nearby highlight, featuring 3,983-acres of natural preserve, camping facilities, a 12-mile hiking trail system, and public access to Lake Shawnee. The local Indian Lake Golf Club, home to the first championship course ever designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer, has a challenging 18-hole green that enthusiasts will adore.

Due to the allure of its privacy, tranquility and pristine waters, real estate properties and vacation rentals are in high demand at Indian Lake. Just 90 minutes from Pittsburgh, a trip to Indian Lake feels like a quiet escape into the wilderness without actually having to venture far from city life. Its numerous outdoor and historical attractions make Indian Lake the perfect Pennsylvania getaway.

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Indian Lake


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